The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England

C. Dolman, 1843 - 158 páginas

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Página 127 - ... to appease all such diversity (if any arise) and for the resolution of all doubts, concerning the manner how to understand, do and execute the things contained in this Book...
Página 139 - ... the corner of the napkin, wherein the bread was laid, and when he beheld the bread he laid it down again, flew back a step or two, bowed three several times towards it, then he drew near again and opened the napkin and bowed as before.
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Página 126 - ... be set up in some convenient part of the chancel within every such church or chapel, to serve for the ministration of the blessed communion. And, to the intent the same may be done without the offence of such of our loving subjects as be not yet so well persuaded in that behalf as we could wish, we send unto you herewith certain considerations, gathered and collected, that make for the purpose.
Página 7 - AN AMICABLE DISCUSSION on the Church of England, and on the Reformation in general; translated from the French of the " DISCUSSION AMICALE,
Página 123 - The Austin Friars, in London, was given to the Dutch Protestants as a preaching place ; it was once a most glorious church. Stow, who remembered it in its glory, describes it thus : " A large church, having a most fine spired steeple, small, high, and straight, so that I have not seen the like.

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