Western Medical Times, Volumen38,Tema 7

George Lee Servoss

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Página 248 - Especially useful in ANEMIA of All Varieties: CHLOROSIS: AMENORRHEA: BRIGHT'S DISEASE: CHOREA: TUBERCULOSIS: RICKETS: RHEUMATISM: MALARIA: MALNUTRITION: CONVALESCENCE: As a GENERAL SYSTEMIC TONIC After LA GRIPPE, TYPHOID, Etc. DOSE: One tablespoonful after each meal. Children in proportion. M: J. BREITENBACH COMPANY New York, USA Our Bacteriological Wall Chart or our Differential Diagnosis Chart will be sent to any Physician upon request.
Página 254 - Ergoapiol (Smith) exerts a pronounced analgesic and sedative effect upon the entire reproductive system, its use is not attended with the objectionable by-effects associated with anodyne or narcotic drugs. The...
Página 301 - June 30, 1919), has just been issued from the government printing office. It contains a comparative study of the health of the army, 1820-1917; an account of the health of the mobilization camps and of the army by countries ; a consideration (70 pages in extent) of the principal epidemics in the camps ; and a discussion of fractures and operations.
Página 301 - Among all of the various acute and exhausting illnesses that afflict mankind, there is none that so generally results in distinct prostration as epidemic influenza, or La Grippe. Even the grippal infections which are uncomplicated or unaccompanied by serious organic changes are more than apt to leave the patient in a thoroughly devitalized condition after the acute febrile symptoms have subsided. It is for this reason that the treatment of La Grippe convalescence is of special importance. The anemic,...
Página 248 - Whirling Spray" Syringe is that The Marvel, by its centrifugal action, dilates and flushes the vaginal passage with a volume of whirling fluid, which smooths out the folds and permits the injection to come in contact with its entire surface.
Página 302 - With the American Expeditionary Forces, and in the divisions of sanitation, hospitals, supplies, laboratories and infectious diseases, internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, head surgery, neurology and psychiatry, psychology, food and the Dental and Veterinary Corps. In addition to the usual tables of illness, discharge for disability and death, there are given tables of battle wounds and operations; of complications of various diseases and of case mortality. The text is illustrated by...
Página 258 - Comp, (Formula Dr. John P. Gray) Has proven itself a remarkably effective remedy, administered in 2 to 4 teaspoonful doses. The influence of Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. on the physiologic processes of the body is so pronounced that convalescence is hastened, and the danger of unpleasant complications and sequelae reduced to a minimum. The Purdue Frederick Company 135 Christopher Street New York ADVERTISED EXCLUSIVELY TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. FREE SAMPLES AND LITERATURE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION...
Página 299 - IN THAT CONFINEMENT TEAR If you favor immediate repair, use our especially chromicized catgut prepared to hold seven to twelve days. Each strand of this special Obstetrical Suture, Chromic Catgut is threaded on a suitable needle, ready for instant use. Indispensable for your surgical bag. One tube in each box. Price, 25 cents each; $3.00 per dozen tubes. No samples. OBTAINABLE FROM YOUR DEALER VAN HORN & SAWTELL DEPARTMENT IS * 17 E.
Página 287 - Nov. llth, the War Department discontinued the commissioning of physicians in the Medical Corps. This condition, in all probability, is permanent and no further consideration will be given applicants for a commission in the Medical Corps until further notice.
Página 247 - Book free. Write for it. Strengthen Your Advertising literature Our Analytical Advertising Counsel and Sales Promotion Service will improve both your plan and copy, thus insuring maximum profits. Submit your literature for preliminary analysis and quotation — no obligation. Ross-Gould Mailing S*.

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