Letters on England, Volumen2

London : S. Low, Son, and Marston, 1866

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Página 72 - The high contracting parties engage not to seek for themselves, in the employment of the coercive measures contemplated by the present Convention, any acquisition of territory, nor any special advantage, and not to exercise in the internal affairs of Mexico any influence of a nature to prejudice
Página 89 - The pound of flesh which I demand of him is dearly bought : 'tis mine, and I will have it.
Página 92 - starving man may justify, in his own eyes, the fact of his stealing a loaf on the ground that imperious necessity impelled him thereto ; but such an argument cannot, in a moral point of view, justify his violation of the law, which remains as positive, apart from all sentimentality, as if the crime had not had an excuse.
Página 92 - rather that of a father overwhelmed with debts, who, with only a small sum at his disposal, scarcely sufficient to maintain his children, employed it in the purchase of bread instead of in the payment of his bills. Were her Britannic Majesty's representative a member of the family, would
Página 83 - in harmony. You will always bear in mind that neither in Mexico, nor in any part of the world, do Her Majesty's Government seek any exclusive political influence, nor any commercial advantages which they are not ready to share with all the nations of the earth.
Página 78 - a new government in Mexico, and especially the active participation of Spain in such an enterprise, would excite strong feelings in the United States. It would be considered as that kind of direct interference in the internal affairs of America to which the United States
Página 83 - You are so well acquainted with the peculiarities of the Spanish character, that it is needless for me to dilate on the best means of dealing with the people with whom you may be brought into contact. They are to be influenced by moderate language and considerate demeanour, but they resist and defy attempts to intimidate or coerce
Página 85 - General St. Anna was the ablest man of that class Mexico has produced, and the temporary good effect of his energetic character is unquestionable ; but that due appreciation of equal justice, of social rights, and of peaceful prosperity, by which alone nationality can be maintained, cannot be created by the strong hand of arbitrary power.
Página 78 - always been opposed. In fact, there was a sort of understanding that so long as European powers did not interfere in America, the United States might abstain from European alliances ; but if a combination of powers were to
Página 85 - The hope of Mexico rests upon the maintenance of peace. A wise basis of civil and of religious liberty has been laid down, and peace only is needed for the development of constitutional principles, and for the gradual enlightenment of the people. But seeing as I do so many native and foreign elements at work to disturb the existing state of

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