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would have been most welcome, but, un- from a chance acquaintance, a man who is fortunately, it did not arrive. The forms discountenanced by the prohibition element, were held open for him until the last a drinker himself in a hypocritical way, who, minute, and the last word was that Sir despite Mr. Hartt's assertion, by no means Philip was in the south of France, which is, “perfectly represents the type who votes dry

and acts wet.” if we have our French correctly, a play

No better article has ever been written for ground, not a workshop.

booze. Every argument against prohibition has been introduced in a most subtle and en

gaging way-not one has escaped him. Every Rollin Lynde Hartt's work is always so argument for prohibition has served his purvital that it calls forth many letters from pose as a man of straw to be knocked down, our readers, and his articles on “Pro- at least to his satisfaction, and he has not hibition As It Is" form no exception to

veiled his delight in so doing. this rule. It may be pointed out, however,

And what ardent anti-prohibitionist could that recent statements from official

wish for a more representative group of cities

upon which to base his findings: Hoboken, sources have proved many of Mr. Hartt's

Buffalo, Detroit-the most accessible to our statements.

foreign friends who, unrestricted and unMr. Hartt has succeeded, as always, in rebuked, are doing their part like Mr. Hartt reporting the facts impartially and in an to make a case against prohibition. unbiased and unprejudiced manner. His Your “investigator" has demonstrated his aim, and the aim of this magazine, is not ability as a detective for the case against proto build a case for one side or the other,

hibition and in this capacity he has my but merely to state the facts as they are.

hearty approbation. He has used the methA fifth and last article of the series will

ods of a detective. I maintain that investi

gation interpolates less personal opinion into appear. next month. The letters on Mr. Hartt's articles have gossip, and more visits to places other than

one's findings, less smoking-car and scullery been both in praise and in criticism. One

back alleys and illicit saloons. letter of praise was from an Episcopal clergyman in New England, who wrote:

In justice to Mr. Hartt, it may be

pointed out that he sought and obtained Sir: I am grateful to you for the courageous facts and observations from Anti-Saloon honesty with which you have reported in the World's Work the conditions in this country

League officials and other “drys,” as well

as from those who were “neutral” or under strict prohibition. My experience as a

wet." pastor confirms the truth of your articles. The repeal of the Volstead Act is necessary if sobriety is to advance further amongst us. I find to my surprise that most ministers dis- Since Captain Raymond Recouly wrote agree with me but I feel sure it is simply be

his article on Can Caillaux Return to cause they see only what they wish to see. Power?" for this magazine, the campaign You have rendered the public a real service. for his return to power has taken great

J. Malcolm SMITH strides. He was the guest of honor A criticism was made by a reader in

at a dinner at Paris, which was attended New York City, who wrote in part:

by some of the high officials of the Her

riot Government. Indeed, with French It is not that I object to the presentation of finances in their present state it is not the opposing side of prohibition, but it is the

at all unlikely that Caillaux, who is repatent unfairness of this particular presen- garded in France and elsewhere as a tation to which I take exception. The self

great financier, may return to power. styled "investigator” doesn't "make some observations." He deliberately does sleuth

It may be inferred, however, that Capwork to substantiate his prejudices. At

tain Recouly will not be among those Buffalo, for example, he confines himself to cheering when he does return, for Recouly ignoring any existing dry possibilities and was an intimate friend and editorial establishes his case from “a hint or two" taken associate of Gaston Calmette, whom

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Two Notable Africa-Enthusiasts

Mme. Caillaux slew. And he is still an honest men who are genuine in their love editor on Calmette's old paper, Le Figaro. for splendid and virgin country.

Who, when elephants are the goal,

wishes to be harried by the sight of neatly In a personality sketch of the work of clad people in funny hats who babble the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman in the about lion tracks where none exist and February issue of the World's WORK, the write long and egregious articles about scene of the regular Sunday Men's their impressions and illustrate them with Conference, at which Dr. Cadman speaks the work of New York photographers? over the radio, was given as the Central Who, indeed! With a view to avoiding Y. M. C. A. in Brooklyn. It should have these Pullman explorers Martin Johnson been given as the Bedford Branch of the does not reveal the actual location of Y. M. C. A., of course, because that is his lake. We agree with him and Mr. the home of that unique Sunday Con- Akeley. Some distinction must be made ference. Dr. Cadman's church is the between Africa and the Bronx Zoo. Central Congregational.

There has been, in various parts of the The existence of Martin Johnson and country where the World's WORK has his wife is as paradisical as the name penetrated, a certain amount of astonof their jungle demesne. Besides their ished ornithological interest in our eagles. house, photographs of which appear in A gentleman in Fresno wrote us quite a this issue, they have built themselves a long letter to the effect that although he laboratory in which they pursue their had never seen an eagle he knew exphotographic experiments, and both this tremely well that they weren't red. This and the house, though simple and un- statement he qualified with a popular assuming in appearance, are most modern adjective. Apparently there was someand convenient in appointment. Their thing about the color that he didn't like. days are spent in the work that is the He added in a pithy postscript that even most congenial in the world for them, if we weren't the organ of the Red facstudying and photographing the many tions in this country our magazine looked kinds of animals that also make their as if it was. This statement, too, was residence near Paradise Lake.

qualified. And, too, the same adjective Mr. Johnson uses the Akeley moving was used. picture camera invented by that gifted Now, we wish to free our eagles from and versatile individual, Carl Akeley, an unjust suspicion. They themselves who, by the way, in addition to being are delightfully and absolutely fictitious one of the most distinguished of living and are, therefore, guiltless of any politiAmerican sculptors, is also perhaps the cal leanings. They are slightly idiosynmost notable Africa-enthusiast of them cratic, possibly a trifle vain, hence their all. He is just at present depressed rubescent plumage, but that is the entire about that continent. “Cook's Tours,” and innocent extent of this color's do he thinks, are making it impossible for minion in them.

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Breaking Into the United States-
A Story of Smuggled Immigrants

By James C. Young

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“My Victor Records shall be my biog.
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Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, N.J

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Bennett on Radicalism


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Every Worker A Capitalist


Prohibition As It Is


Looking Back on LaFollette


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