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Personalities—Major-General John L. Hines

In battle he was noted for the same a good one. An inveterate horseman, quality that distinguished him during his and good one.

He walks on his toes; service in the Adjutant General's depart so does Pershing. He has a square jaw ment, his four years in the Quartermaster and a close-clipped moustache, like PershDepartment, and more recently as Deputying. He radiates energy and determinaChief of Staff-thoroughness! In actual tion, as does Pershing. He is a great battle he overlooked no detail of his favorite with children, as Pershing is. plans, and he went under fire to satisfy He is a lover of clean sport, and especially himself that a thorough job was being baseball. done. He wants to see for himself, and his tremendous strength and energy per

HE LOOKS LIKE A FIGHTER mit him to be a great detail man.

E LOOKS more pugnacious than He combines this thoroughness with Pershing, and they tell this story of a theory that all officers should be his appearance: required to keep fit for the field, and During one of the offensives in the War some of his orders are reminiscent of the General Hines, mud-splashed, discolored riding test suggested by President Roose- by battle smoke, and full of fight, hurried velt. Just before he left Fort Sam Hous- through heavy fire, to make some personal ton, where he commanded the Eighth observations at the front. An American Corps Area after the War, he ordered soldier of Irish descent looked at the that all staff officers should ride at least stern visage and remarked: two afternoons during the week, and “Buddy, if I've got to be on this front gallop with him every Sunday morning. I'm glad I'm in the same army with that He took the same exercise himself, and General." does now. Every morning from 7 to 8 General Hines is fifty-six years old; he o'clock now he rides at Fort Myer, Vir was born at White Sulphur Springs, West ginia, with his aides, Captain Charles L. Virginia, on May 21, 1868, and was gradBolté, a cavalry officer, and Lieutenant uated from West Point in 1891. His C. C. Jadwin, one of the crack army polo army career since 1891 has been excepplayers. On Sunday this exercise is tionally varied; it runs from infantry serstretched to three or four hours.

vice in the Western garrisons in Indian

warfare days and riots in Butte, Montana, THE WAYS OF PERSHING

through several other branches of the N

both his thoroughness and his stren about seven closely typewritten pages, and uousness. As Deputy Chief of Staff he was some of the assignments do not appear inspecting buildings at Camp Meade, and particularly inviting, but General Hines the question arose as to whether wooden at no time in his career has ever asked for underpinnings had been replaced with con- any particular assignment or duty, or crete. General Hines wriggled his way protested in any way against duties under the building to make his own examin- assigned to him. ation. For years he had been in charge of He is also extremely silent and reticent, various building projects in the Quarter- though he likes a humorous story, and to master's Department. Moreover, he was his young officers sometimes points out strenuous and thorough, and he settled the that excessive talking frequently causes question immediately. That's Hines's way trouble. Frederick Palmer once with everything, either in peace or war. marked that General Hines could be In that he is a great deal like Pershing. silent in more languages than any man

He is like Pershing in other ways, even he had ever known. in general physical resemblance. Gen All of which goes to show that under eral Hines is more than six feet tall and General Hines the nation probably will weighs nearly 200 pounds. Like General continue to have the kind of army disciPershing he is an inveterate dancer, and pline it likes-silent but efficient.

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HEN the Governor of With a keen interest in public health Virginia has the task and welfare, well the usual of selecting a woman to mother's interest in the health of represent the state or of the members of her own family, Dr.

appointing a woman Barrett in early life went to London to member on a state commission, invariably take a course of nursing in the Florence the honor falls upon Dr. Kate Waller Nightingale Training School in St. Barrett, who is known among philan- Thomas's Hospital. That did not satisfy thropists and sociologists all over the her desire for knowledge in that line, and world.

she resumed her studies at the medical Because she is almost as well known school of the University of Georgia, where among the women's organizations of she received the degree of Doctor of Europe as in this country, it is an interest- Medicine in 1892, and the honorary ing fact that in the early years of her life degree of Doctor of Science in 1894. Dr. Barrett was reared in the carefully Though she has long been interested in guarded surroundings of an old Virginia public welfare, Dr. Barrett has made only estate, and until her marriage at eighteen one venture into politics, and that was was never permitted to venture so far when she became a member of the Virginia from home as the Stafford County Court- delegation to the last National Democratic house, only eleven miles away. For a Convention, where she seconded the nomyoung woman destined to become one ination of Carter Glass. Her one venture of the foremost sociologists of the coun- into politics was due to her great admitry this was intolerable bondage.

ration for Carter Glass, and not to any Boundless interest in life, and the desire desire to become a politician. to see and learn, are her outstanding characteristics. When the young rector

AN ORATOR WHO IS ENCORED of the Protestant Episcopal Church ER speech stirred the convention at proposed marriage to the eighteen-yearold girl she consented conditionally. One noon session, which had overflown with condition was that the bridegroom should long nominating addresses. Her ire had take her to see the Courthouse, and the been stirred earlier in the convention by other was that he should take her to a remarks made by some of the speakers, circus. With both promises fulfilled im- notably Mayor Hylan of New York, mediately after marriage, she turned her about Wall Street, and she made that her mind to more education, and in this topic. She pointed out that a Wall pursuit she was encouraged by her Street, or financial center, was needed in husband, the Rev. Robert South Barrett, any country. She expressed the opinion who was for many years the Dean of the that Wall Street and Main Street were Cathedral at Atlanta, and the author of inter-dependent and that the prosperity one of the outstanding religious books of and security of the business houses along the 'go's: 'The Reason for the Hope.” Main Street in any average American Her few years in the Arlington Institute town depended upon the prosperity and of Alexandria failed to satisfy her desire security of a Wall Street. for knowledge, a desire that has not been Her speech continued only a few satisfied yet, and Dr. Barrett is nearly minutes, hardly more than five, but sixty-seven years old and is considered among all those other voluminous one of the best-informed women in the speeches it was a gem too small, and the country, especially on immigration, public convention demanded more. Opera health problems, and the welfare of singers get encores, but rarely are orators women, children, and disabled soldiers. called back. Dr. Barrett returned again



PersonalitiesDr. Kate Waller Barrett

and again, but she “showed she was a the heroism of the soldiers who served in woman of discretion by responding merely the War has raised the minds of the with a bow. Her gallant bearing and re- younger generation of men to ideals never sounding voice won this convention, which before attained. was so tired that an ordinary speaker Exactly the opposite fact has been would have evoked nothing but boos" noticed among young women. Perhaps

Though not a politician, Dr. Barrett because of the relaxation of the old has accepted three missions from the discipline, with the entrance of women Bureau of Immigration of the Depart- into industry

into industry and all kinds of work ment of Labor, and in 1914 and 1919 she required by the War, the "age of sophistiwent to Europe to investigate conditions, cation” has hit the young women harder particularly those surrounding alien wo- than either the young men or the women men. She became interested in immigra- of advanced years. Girls are reaching tion through the work of the Florence advanced ideas at more tender years than Crittenton Mission, of which she was Vice

ever before.

But Dr. Barrett believes President and general manager from 1897 in facing the facts; she does not indulge to 1909 and of which she has been Presi- in flights of pessimism; she thinks dent since 1909. During the Roosevelt that stabilization will come among the Administration she worked for the enact- young women and that in a few years ment of the law creating a special zone of they too will enter an idealistic age of protection around alien girls recently youth, where newly acquired knowledge arrived in this country. President Roose- or new ideas will not overwhelm high velt finally signed the bill, but it was ideals. declared unconstitutional. Undismayed, Dr. Barrett and her supporters kept

HER PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE after Congress until the Mann Act was VEN with her multifarious public passed, embodying many of the features duties, Dr. Barrett spends a large part of the first bill.

of her time with her family. She has

three sons and three daughters, and fourVIEWS ON THE AMERICAN HOME

teen grandchildren. When her husband R. BARRETT does not share some died in 1896, the youngest child was only

of the radical views of other women three years old, and she faced the task of about the decay of the American home rearing her family alone. But on the deathand the increasing sophistication of bed, her husband had courageously finished youth; she does not believe that the his work on “The Reason for the Hope," country is sliding to perdition at a high with Dr. Barrett acting as amanuensis. rate of speed. One cause for the “age of In this adversity and under the inspiration sophistication” of youth, she believes, is of the context of the work and its courthat 'modern education has caused the ageous accomplishment, she conceived knowledge of youth to outstrip its her own philosophy of life, which, she experience, and the result is a hitherto

these three fundamentals: unknown scale of precocity.

"Bread, Beauty, and Brotherhood." Her vast experience with welfare organi- Her ceaseless activity and her boundzations has caused her to form one other less mental and physical energy cause her opinion about the youth of our day, and to take part in so much public work that it is, indeed, a startling observation. It it would require a full column merely is that the young men of to-day, up to the to list her offices. She is Honorary age of thirty, and in some cases even be- President of the National Council of yond that mark, are nearer perfection in Women, and was President of the Amerconduct, morals, and ideals, than was any ican Legion Auxiliary in 1923. The other similar generation of young men in appointments made by the Governor of the history of this country, even in the Virginia would fill another column, and history of the world. She believes that they are still being made.


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says, has


North Carolina's Dreams

Come True

Governor Aycock's Vision of What Education Would Do for an Ignorant and Poverty-Stricken People, Realized in Twenty Years in One of the Richest and Most Progressive States in the Union



ORTH CAROLINA is just furniture, and is neck and neck with

now cashing in on an ideal Massachusetts in the weaving of textiles, and a dream. Sprinkled and a people so full of hope, courage, and through this article, in small honest pride that they have reversed the

type, will be annotations old definition of North Carolina_as "a about the cash, thus:

valley of humility between two mountains

of conceit” and have made it a model for North Carolina now pays more Federal taxes than any other state in the Union

the envy and the emulation of their except New York and Pennsylvania.


Of course this article will tell how But the big type will deal with the "Buck” Duke's sore toe built a hydrodream, because the

electric power sysdream is the big

tem that now runs thing, which not

five million spindles only has produced

and most of the the cash, but can

street cars in North produce anything

Carolina. It will else North Carolina

tell how the oyster wants. It has al

fought the boll ready produced, for

weevil and saved example, a splendid

Pamlico County system of public

from being all a schools, a state uni

poor farm. It will versity that any

be full of the living state might well

leading lights and boast of, a system

the plain folks, and of highways that

enough about cash makes motor travel

to give it flavor, a joy to even the

The R. J. Reynremotest mountain

olds Tobacco hamlet, a revived

Company in and modernized

Winston - Salem agriculture, a new

buys more than and flourishing crop

$250,000 worth of industries,

of revenue North Carolina

stamps from the © Harris & Ewing

post office every ranks just after ANGUS WILTON MCLEAN

day, Michigan in the

The Democratic nominee, who will be manufacture of the next Governor of North Carolina.

but three para

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