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FEMININE FINERY The blouses worn by these San Blas girls are of ancient origin and of great scientific interest. Though the patterns are symmetrical in mass, close scrutiny reveals that they are in no two places alike in detail. They are hieroglyphics whose origin and meaning have been forgotten, though some

archæologists believe they are nursery legends like our own “Mother Goose.”

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A “STILL" OF A "MOVIE" OPERATOR Mr. Charles Charlton, in a San Blas shelter. He made the motion pictures of the life of the brown and white Indians of the Darien region of Panama.

gained his greater stature and bigger highly organized structure of government, brain than his brown progenitors pos

which is both feudal, federal, and consessed. The larger brain is not merely stitutional, all evidence their exceptional a matter of physical bulk; it is the intellectual capacity. These advanced source of higher intellectual powers as powers and achievements are characterwell.

istic of the evolutionary progress of man.


The mountains coming down to the sea, the numerous islands, and the heavy tropical
growth have all fostered the Indians' ambition to keep strangers out of their sanctuary.

The superior intelligence of these If scientists finally agree that the White Indians over their neighbors, their more Indians are true examples of the process complex and flexible language, their fuller of mutation, we shall be able not only to vocabulary, their more humane social see that biological evolution at work, but customs, their unique and very interest- also to study the origins of our own ing music, their strict moral code, their civilization in the lives of people of our well-developed system of law, and their own day.

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Amid Western China's Bandits

in Search of
Earliest Art Treasures


Fellow of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, for Research in Asia


T THE town of Chinta we solid gold, instead of the yellow paint

presented our letters at the which was now to be seen on it, but yamen and dined with the that people from our honorable counmagistrate and eight silent try had come there to strip it off.

gentlemen drummed up from This seemed somewhat unfair, since it is the few byways and hedges of the small more than likely that no American had frontier town to do us honor. The ever set foot there before. The building magistrate's brother was newly wedded appeared to date from only a few centuries and had taken his bride to the camp of the ago, but doubtless the establishment was Mongol Prince some days journey down an old one. the Etsingol—the Black River. He was The next day, armed with the magisable to give precise information as to fuel trate's letter of introduction written in the and water, but could tell us nothing of our delicate Mongolian script to the prince deserted city.

of the local horde, we set out shortly Before dinner we had gone for an before noon along the track which conexcursion in the only covered cart which nected the farms of the long narrow oasis the town boasted, the private rig of the of Chinta. We traveled till after sunmagistrate. We stopped outside the limits down, our camels sometimes balancing

of the present town along the tops of slip-
to see the Chin Ta pery dykes and some-
(Golden Pagoda) for times splashing in the
which the town is water which, in au-
named. They told tumn flood, is led over
us that the dome was the dry fields in the
once covered with hope that frost will

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THE HUNGRY DUNES The marching sand dunes of the Gobi are swiftly covering these temples beneath their restless crowns. Some of the buildings are already hidden.

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