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© American Museum of Natural History TO BE A FIVE YEARS' WORKROOM After several months' hard work the permanent buildings of the Johnson community are erected and the quarters intended for half a decade's hard work taken possession of. Trimming the laboratory thatch.

feet, the drying room is fourteen by seven off with the first turn of the fly wheel. teen. I have wired it with electricity so I got my electrolight fluid the right test I can work at night. The floors were on the first mixing; the batteries were in hard to level up. I placed upright logs a first-class condition, and we had electric foot apart all over the bottom, and placed lights in the laboratory in no time. I am the beams over them, as the floor must be not going to use the electricity except in extra solid.

my laboratory, but I will wire the other My machine shop and electric light houses in case of emergency, and I am room is fourteen feet square, made en going to place two one-hundred-watt tirely of bobey, with the usual grass roof. bulbs about two hundred feet apart, out On unpacking my boxes to get out needed in the open, with the switch at the side of things I found a notice on the electric my bed, so that when elephants come up light plant, saying that the batteries here I can throw on the switch and the must be placed in commission before lights will frighten them away. At least April uth. I discovered this on the 15th, we think this will happen, but to be extra and rushed the building up in a day-it safe we have built a big stockade boma is surprising how much work sixty boys around all the buildings in camp. can do, with each one on his special job, To give a better idea of where we one bunch getting clay and wild game are building, I will describe Lake Paradung, another cutting logs, another cut dise. It can be approached from only ting small poles, others cutting grass, one direction with ease, a narrow deand a bunch of eight thatching and put pression about a hundred yards wide ting up the actual building as the material that is merely an enormous game trail is brought in.

worn down by centuries of big game I was surprised when I set up the elec- tramping back and forth. On all other tric light plant, for the engines started sides the rocks rise from the lake to a


American Museum of Natural History
A gleaming corner of the lake, looking very cool through the trunks and shadows of the forest fringe.

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© American Museum of Natural History BREATHING SPELL A caravan from Abyssinia halted upon the road with a detachment of askaris in charge. The askari is a native soldier trained by the British.

height of perhaps five hundred feet, well- wide, then the descent is very steep for wooded with big trees, tangled vines, and about four hundred feet, and then the bushes, giving it a very tropical look. At gradual descent down to the Kaisoot one end are several high, rocky cliffs that Desert. We have built right on top of look as though nothing could get up or the crater's edge. There are a score of down, but strange to say there is a game- nice, well-worn game-trails running clear trail winding around it that is used every around the top. Our houses are right on night by buffalo and rhino, and there is these trails. Percival says an elephant old elephant spoor, showing that even will remember the trails fifty years from they use it, though the trail is so steep now and will try time after time to follow and rocky that it is with difficulty that I them, even after he has come against our can climb up. There are about a dozen stockade hundreds of times. The whole of these trails around the steep sides of clearing up here is covered with elephant the lake, which is about a mile and a half and buffalo and rhino spoor.

But we wide by two miles long.

had to build here, so we would get all the Lake Paradise is the crater of an extinct breeze to make my laboratory as cool as volcano, between six and seven thousand possible. We are situated on the highest feet above sea level. The Kaisoot Desert point in this part of the country. level is about two thousand five hundred All our buildings face the lake and we feet where it starts upwards to Lake can throw a stone into it from any of Paradise. This point will be about

them. All have big verandas, except twenty-five miles from here in every di- my laboratory. The laboratory stands rection, and the slope is gradual to the out like a skyscraper, as the ridgepole of edge of the crater. Running around the the roof is nearly thirty feet from the crater, on the top edge, is a flat space, ground. well-wooded, about two hundred feet The game is now coming back thick;


American Museum of Natural History
A herd of elephant with their young off for a casual stroll where the forest ends and the plains begin. Their progress is slow and utterly undisturbed.

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American Museum of Natural History

A flashlight picture of a spotted hyæna caught in the act of satisfying a natural curiosity
and incidentally a slight hunger. Shortly after this he made himself exceedingly scarce.

elephants splash and trumpet in the lake up, then he sees our house and screams every night, and spend a good part of the and goes off into the forest. Many a day in the forest breaking branches and night he has got us out of bed with our feeding. On nights when we have a

guns ready. bright moon, we sit outside after dinner And now comes the news I have been and watch the game. First come the aching to tell. I have made the finest

. hyænas, trotting through our park, then elephant films I have ever made; in fact a wild dog, then rhino, and then elephants I have no doubt they are the best ever come and go all night. We never see made by any one. Now that I have debuffalo until early morning, when they veloped the nine hundred feet I find that are always across the lake, but go into I have elephants so close that only their the forest at the first ray of light.

heads and big tusks show. I have made I figure there are about ten rhino that closer pictures of the elephants than I come nightly. We recognize a mother made of the giraffes and zebra in my other and a half-grown toto, every night. Of films, and the detail is perfect. And we course the others all look alike, but we had quite an adventure in making the will see one go to drink, roll about a short films. time, and leave, then one or two more The boys had reported elephants in come along

various places now and then, places in We recognize a small herd of five ele- the clear, and Osa had come back from phants, and a mother and a very little her trips out of the forest, wanting me to toto, and one big bull with broken tusks. go out next day and get films, but I None of them pay any attention to us wanted to get my laboratory finished so I except the bull; he seems to wish to go would have a place to work in when I did up the trail past us, and almost every get started in making pictures. I have a night he comes into the park and starts one-track mind and can do only one thing

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