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FROM THE POWELL HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA A show place in Revolutionary times, frequented by Washington during the sessions of the Constitutional Convention. From its owner Washington got designs of furniture for Mt. Vernon. Wall paper had come into use by this time, imported from England or (in this case) China. The furniture of the Powell room is Philadelphia made, but by this time mahogany had largely superseded walnut.

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THE EARLY DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC 1790-1825 Is exemplified by this gallery, an alcove (from New England) and five rooms, two from Massachusetts, one from Pennsylvania, one from Virginia, and one from Maryland. The furniture and decoration of this period mark the high tide of American taste and craftsmanship.

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FROM HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS A room from the Eagle House, formerly Brown's Tavern, showing a highly decorative and colorful wall paper of a hunting scene, imported from France.

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Named after the donor of the paintings which decorate the walls-portraits of Washington by Charles Willson
Peale, Rembrandt Peale, John Trumbull, and Adolf Wertmüller, typical American artists of the era after the Rev-
olution. The pictures of Commodores Hull and Decatur are by Gilbert Stuart and John Trumbull (probably).

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