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A banner year for yachting was 1924: Everywhere from Maine to California the waters were covered with yachts. The California Yacht Club race from Los Angeles to Dan Diego, 100 miles, was won by Ben Weston's Debra, shown above, trailing L. H. Farwell's California, across the bows of the U. S. Ş. Tennessee.

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The greatest popular interest was shown in the series of international 6-meter races between England and America sailed off the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club at Oyster Bay, Long Island, in September. Although in the series of seven races the British won, the American boats gained much glory for their crews.

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Red Grange, of the University of Illinois, unquestionably the greatest running back in the game to-day and one of the

strongest of all time.

Notre Dame, of South Bend, Indiana, led another victorious sally into the East last year. Rokne, the coach, always turns up with a magnificent machine, apparently unbeatable by the Eastern universities. His charges are seen defeating Princeton 12 to 0.

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HE backbone of the old system in the world an Opposition in Congress was party responsibility, and wants is to accept responsibility. But this developed leadership of if Cannon's challenge had been met, the ablest kind,” said former the irresponsible power to which the

Speaker Cannon in a recent Insurgents objected in him would have discussion of what is the matter with been transformed into a - responsible our government.

leadership, under a new Speaker representUnfortunately, “Uncle Joe" mixed his ing the new majority. Cannon might tenses. He thought

have gone down to he was a historian,

history as the when he really was Last month Mr. Rowell, in the first article of

founder of a new a prophet. “Party this series, argued in favor of a means of "bridging order, instead of as responsibility” and the aloofness of executive and legislative respon- the last broken developed leader- sibility by bringing Cabinet members and legisla- bulwark of the old. ship'-by all tors face to face, on the floor of Congress, for the "Party responmeans! That is transaction of their joint business.” He illus

sibility" has been just what we are

trated his thesis, that the national legislature in its
fear of a boss has made impossible the emergence

a pleasing fiction aspiring towards.

in the vocabulary of a true leader, by reference to the history of the But cherish no illuHouse of Representatives during the past century.

of political platision that we have But another dictator has now appeared, the

tudinarians for ever had it, under Director of the Budget; and it is pertinent to ask

years; but when "the old system" whether the budget cannot be freed from log- you look from the or any other. That

rolling by the remedy which Mr. Rowell here phrase to the facts, Golden Age is for discusses.

to find the actual the future, not in

thing, what do you the past.

see? However, let us give Uncle Joe the During President Taft's administration, credit that he at least tried to start it, a reciprocity treaty was negotiated with at the one time when it could have been Canada. Both governments were satisdone. It was at the crisis of his career fied with it, and the American Congress and of the debacle of Congress, in 1910, passed the necessary bills. The majority when the Insurgent-Democratic coalition in the Canadian Parliament was also for deposed him from power but not from it, but the minority, by filibustering, office. Rightly taking it as a vote of forced an election at which it was victoriwant of confidence, Cannon challenged ous. So the treaty was defeated by the the new majority to move to declare the vote of the Canadian people and the Speakership vacant and to elect a new party which negotiated it was held reSpeaker, and when Culberson of Texas, sponsible and took the consequences. to the horror of his colleagues, made the What the American people thought about motion, the Speaker promptly put it to it nobody knows and there was no way a vote. Of course he knew that they to find out. It was not yet an issue in would not dare carry it. The last thing 1908, and it had ceased to be an issue in


“Perfidy and Dishonor"

1912, when our two elections were held. no one of us would accept the superficial The election in Canada was precipitated by conclusion that these votes indicate that the issue and was on the issue. The elections America was put into the war against in the United States were precipitated by its will. At any rate, when war became

. the calendar and were on an astronomical imminent, President Wilson had behind conjunction--"the first Tuesday after the him evidently the nation and certainly first Monday of next November," as our the organized forces of his own party. orators sonorously remind us.

The party conventions so declared, in When President Cleveland "had Con- the name of the voters, and the party gress on his hands,” his worst trou- representatives almost all so voted in ble was with a Democratic Congress Congress. There were a few exceptions. . elected with him and, for once, on an But these few included every official Demoissue. That issue was a definitely pledged cratic leader in both Houses of Congresstariff policy. A bill embodying just the both floor leaders and all the chairmen of contrary policy was passed, under com- all the war committees! These leaders pulsion of Democratic Senate leaders. did not lead. Nobody followed them. The Democratic President denounced it But they retained, and such of them as as “perfidy and dishonor," and the best survive still retain, the official leadership. the Democratic House leader could say Such a situation would be not merely im

a for it was that "it is not so bad as the possible, it would be unthinkable, in McKinley bill." And while Democratic any other free government. defeat followed at the next election, it Presidents Wilson and Harding both was not on this issue. Rather it was in literally laid down their lives in the cause repudiation of what had been more a of international cooperation for peace. Republican than a Democratic heresy, This cause, which two successive Presifree silver, now espoused by the Demo- dents thought so important that they cratic party against the protest of Presi- were willing to give, and did give, their dent Cleveland and of nearly all the lives for it, is regarded by leaders of both established Democratic leaders.

their parties in Congress and in the party President McKinley became “Presi- organizations as a bugaboo, to be run dential timber" on the tariff question, from. Wherever the alleged "party and was elected on the sound-money responsibility” may be located, it at issue of which he was only accidentally least looks different through Senatorial the champion-but his administration and Presidential eyes-even when, as in turned on the Spanish War and the resul- Harding's case, they are the same eyes. tant annexation of the Philippines, which Finally, in the last Republican conhas conditioned the development of vention, the "keynote" speech, made by American policy ever since. That issue a member of Congress, openly appealed did not exist when McKinley was.elected from a Republican Congress to the Rein 1896 and was already an irrevocably publican President, and the convention accomplished fact when Bryan tried to accepted this as the official party attimake it the "paramount issue" of 1900. tude. The people, by an enormous maHow the American people would have jority, sustained the President. voted on it if it could have been sub- To which might be added that other mitted to them while a practical choice Republican convention, of 1912, which was still open, nobody will ever know. rejected the known will of the party

voters and was straightway repudiated WHEN WILSON LED THE NATION

by them. RESIDENT WILSON was elected There is such a thing as party re

the second time on the slogan sponsibility. There are countries which “He kept us out of war," and his party have it. What they have done, can was defeated after the war by the great- be done. Measured by this attainable est majority in our history. Probably standard, and not by any visionary

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