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Sex Jealousy in Politics



T SEEMS to me that every one has, Elizabeth. Every one talks brightly of

at the present time, accepted with the effect of the women's vote, of the enthusiasm the dictum, said to have women's point of view, etc. Nothing been once delivered by the Wise Men could sound more appreciative! of the East, “It is good to know the

AND YET-! Truth and to speak it. It is better to know the Truth and to speak of date- OMEN are freely admitted into stones.”

every ornamental position, but Every one has also accepted-at all when they really want to give practical events, outwardly—the advent of women effect to their ideas, I think that every into British politics. I am almost certain woman who has tried will admit that it is that very few peers will be found to vote very, very difficult to get through the Old against the advent of peeresses in their Guard. The Old Guard is on every comown right into the House of Lords. There mittee. It is in every political agent's was no logical reason adduced against it office, even if by luck the agent is not last time, and, reader, "as cat to cat,” | enrolled in it himself. Women, in this believe that personal reasons influence year of grace in England, are doing most that half of creation whom, as Jerome K. of the political donkey work: they raise Jerome said, "some wag once called the the money, they canvass the voters, they stronger sex”—more even than they do get the meetings together, they keep the ourselves.

districts going. Every one makes pretty However that may be, I believe that the speeches to them and tells them they are peeresses are pretty safe now, and I indispensable. shall be very curious to see what member But when the crucial moment comes, of what party—if any-dares to stand and the woman wants to give effect to against the conferring of the vote on the work she has done, the Old Guard young women of twenty-one years of

age. rallies round. The True Blue, whether The Labor party are, of course, officially he belongs to the Conservative, Liberal, in favor, and I am still turning over in or Labor party, it matters not-he is the my mind the somewhat striking proposi- real old trusted at heart-listens with an tion made to me by one of its leaders. I air of benevolent tolerance to her best was arguing, as becomes my years, in efforts, makes a few trenchant remarks, favor of no one having the vote before and votes for the man-any man who twenty-five, when, looking hard at me, he happens to be along-in preference. said, “If there is a time limit one way, I really was rather surprised the other there should be a time limit the other. day. A good, well-meaning old gentleOne may be too old to vote!” It was a man had been in charge of an important new idea to me, and, like so many of branch of a society.

branch of a society. He never did any them, an unpleasant one.

work; he never spoke. The branch had But the point I am making is that lost most of its members and had nearly things, on the surface, are going strongly ceased to exist. He had muddled its in favor of women. They are appointed finances and run it into debt. A young to almost every Government com- woman came along, took charge, recalled mittee. Their presence-and moral in- the members, raised the money to set fluence—is much in demand. A picture the branch in a flourishing condition. of Lady Astor has been placed in the Yet at the next election the old gentleman House of Commons-next to Queen was almost unanimously reëlected to the


Is Woman the Loser by Voting?

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Y their clearsightedness, their faculty of

central executive, and I heard him, with Yes, things are difficult for women. my own ears, say, in a patronizing man- They have their advantages, of course. ner, that the young woman had worked It is much easier for a woman speaker to “very nicely”!

get herself listened to than an average MEN AT A WOMEN'S MEETING

man. Almost any audience—in England,

anyway-will be kind to her. The most WAS at an International Women's socialistic one will laugh at your jokes,

meeting the other day. There was, of allow you to chaff them, and listen course, a male secretary in charge, who with pleasant attention to your sarcasm. was driving the women nearly mad by his But you feel a suspicion all the time that ceaseless babbling. There were many they are so pleasant because they are efficient women present. Yet there he not taking you very seriously. I don't remained, jumping about, prattling away, know a more annoying feeling. One longs making inane jokes about "the ladies, sometimes to shake them out of their and explaining their views to themselves. good-humored tolerance and sense of No one had killed him when I left, though superiority. Chivalry, like charity, covI believe a good many would have liked ers a multitude of sins—a lesson already to, and I would lay a small wager that learned by woman politicians. he will remain for years to come, solely because he is a man. If he had been a

ARE WOMEN VOTERS INDISPENSABLE? woman, no one would have tolerated him

of both for one instant.

I do not deny that there is something sticking to a point, their power of divorcto be said from the male point of view. ing kindness from sentimentality (the The average woman has been less edu- bane of modern politics), and their want of cated, less accessible to broad com- response to indefinite and indeterminate mon sense than the average man. But ideals, makes them at this moment, above she is coming along fast. She listens, she all others, indispensable to the political cogitates, she turns the whole strength life of the nation. But we women have of her piercing if not broad vision on the yet to convince the other half of creation subject in hand. Women are, in my of their need of us! experience, far less easily fooled with words Montaigne once said that the reason than men are. They agree with a famous that any particular man fell in love with general of my acquaintance who told me any particular woman was that she that, when being talked to and over- seemed to him "plus femme que les persuaded by politicians, he used to put a


So that sex opposition, which glass in front of him.

seems sometimes to look almost like “This is a glass,' I say to myself. jealousy and hatred, really and at bottom They will prove to me that it is a mirror, is an instinctive fear that women will lose a jug, a basin, anything you like. But in the quality of womanliness and the world the middle of the whirling argument I will be the poorer without it. keep my mind fixed on the fact I know. If so, it is up to us, and especially to “This-is-a-glass!""

the younger among us, to show that Listen to almost any politician's speech women can do their bit in helping to nowadays. It is composed of hopes, govern the country, can be just, and fair, fears, beliefs, appeals. The bulk of and reasonable, and hard working, and women will, I believe, demand more and may, in that very way, become yet more more from their speaker's facts and figures, worthy of the worship which has always and they will formulate the hopes and been given by men to the women they beliefs for themselves.



OME years ago Puck published personal services and the advice and

a cartoon showing a widow opinions of the members of his firm in coming from an insurance com- solving her investment problem. A third pany with the insurance money was from a New York Stock Exchange

her husband had provided for house and offered similar service in the her. Her little boy was with her. selection of a list of securities for her to Across the street was a stock broker's buy. A fourth was the recommendation office. Out of there and elsewhere had of a good guaranteed railroad stock by a poured a score or more of importunate, man who said he had been selling such prosperous looking gentlemen with every stocks for thirty years. kind of promotion proposition for her to These four out of the fifty-five were the put her money into. “Invest in the Sure

* Invest in the Sure only ones that on their face would appeal Thing Gold Mine.” “Invest in the to one experienced or trained in the Rubber Forests of Oscalousy, Iowa.” matter of investments as holding out the “Invest-Purple Valley Irrigation Com- possibilities of safety and suitability for a pany stock-going fast-you can't lose." widow's investment. And the writer of “Invest in Copper-No Risk.” Farther the last of these four somewhat underdown the street came an army of pro

mined the soundness of his advice, or moters on the run, flourishing their possibly disclosed his real purpose, by offerings: "Invest"; "Invest Now." closing his letter with the statement that

As the president of a large trust com- if the widow wished to take a "reasonable pany said: “This picture was an exaggera- business chance in manufacturing investtion, but true.” Few people realize how ments," he could show her something with

” many designing individuals there are dig- larger returns that was considered good. ging pit-falls, setting traps, and preparing The remaining fifty-one of these "opambuscades for the widow and her money. portunities” for the widow to invest her The following advertisement ran once in a $15,000 ranged all the way from stock in New York newspaper:

an embryo aërial transportation company

to what might have been interpreted as a Widow with $15,000 from her husband's life insurance wishes to invest it to obtain highest proposal of marriage. A study of these

shows what appealing temptations are possible return; the investment must be safe and must give regular income. Reply, giving placed in the way of inexperienced full details. R-708.

investors by those who are constantly on

the lookout for easy money. The fact Remember that this appeared but once that they spring forth, like weeds in an in one paper. It occupied half an inch unattended garden, whenever a new of space. Fifty-five replies were received prospect" appears indicates that they to it. One was from an agent of a large find the untrained investor an easy victim. life insurance company, who called the The venture in the field of aërial transwidow's attention to the fact that her portation was offered by a man who husband had thought well enough to claimed he had just organized a company protect her by life insurance in case of to carry passengers to all the principal his death and went on to suggest his summer resorts within a radius of a company as a safe place to invest her thousand miles of New York. “Profits money to give a guaranteed monthly will be enormous," he said, offering this income as long as she lived and guaran- stock to the widow who was looking for teed safety of the principal. Another was safe investments. from a man identified with a good "A safe investment in merchandise" investment house who offered her his

was offered by a man who said he had an

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option on 2,244 pounds of gum opium at draw a salary besides getting interest $14,586, which he could export and sell and dividends." for $24,684 within twenty-one days. The height of the ridiculous was reached All he asked was “a little amount" for in the following letter, printed without himself, and a profit of “close to $50,000” editing: was held out to her in this business in

Dear Widow i saw your add how you wold one year's time. To meet her require- like to invest some money i have got a leetle ments for a safe investment returning a money saved up come too Bridgport and Wee regular income, she was also offered some Will Bild a house and start a chicken farm Colorado silver stock that had been i ame a Bachlr 53 years old and i wuld like too paying at the rate of 24 per cent. a year for have you as a Companion. three months. The other field as popular A man in Pennsylvania had a formula to-day with the get-rich-quick promoteras for making paint at low cost and wanted mining was represented by the offer to

money to open stores “after the plan sell her one or more barrels of oil per day of the United Cigar Stores.Many from the "producing and tested wells” manufacturing concerns were looking of an oil company in Texas. Here she for more capital and were anxious for an began to run up against the methods of opportunity to convince her of the large the experienced promoter. In this case profits she would make in them. In one the shift of approach to avoid the public case she was frankly told, “Within a reaction against promotion stocks in the year's time it may double or treble your oil field is seen:

investment.” Opportunities in paper “This is an entirely new proposition mills, food, chemical, cotton, export and is not a stock issue. We sell to the companies, automobile and jewelry speinvestor one or more barrels of oil per day cialties (in the latter case “Tiffany & out of our production. One barrel costs Company would be called upon for many Sixteen Hundred Dollars, for which we thousand") were laid at her feet. In credit the investor's account with one another case there was a follow-up letter barrel of oil per day at the market price. offering her the position of treasurer of One barrel of oil, which costs $1,600.00, the company, “which would not entail yields an income of approximately One any labor on your part except to sign Thousand Dollars per year; two barrels the checks," in addition to $50.00 per of oil, which costs $3,200.00, will yield an week on her $15,000. There were severincome of about Two Thousand Dollars al real estate propositions and the current per year: and so on. The life of one of offerings of some high-pressure stockthese wells will run anywhere from eight and bond-selling organizations. to twelve years, and you can readily see This gives some idea of the number and it makes a very handsome return for the variety of temptations placed in the way money invested.”

of inexperienced investors when the fact More human interest was involved in that they possess some money becomes the proposition offered by a moving known. The number is not so great, but picture actress, evidently out of a job. the appeal is frequently greater, when the She wrote, “I am sure that it is just the fact is known to only a few friends. time for small concerns to start and Walter Bagehot's facetious scheme for develop. My director is of the same remedying this was not to allow any one mind, and where we both have all the to have £100 who could not prove to experience that is necessary to make a the satisfaction of the Lord Chancellor success of an organization of this kind, that they knew what to do with we have not the capital with which to £100. Our most hopeful remedy is in complete our arrangements.

more effective and more far-reaching sellIf you are personally interested in the ing methods by the retailers of sound acting of the Moving Pictures, it would investment securities, and by continuous be a double opportunity, as you could educational campaigns.

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On this page each month will be printed practical sug-
gestions to fit the needs of particular classes of investors


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'HEN the widow of the woman in California wrote: “Your artisecretary of a great fin- cles on investments are helping me in my ancier went to him to financial education. However, here is the ask how she should in- problem on which I am seeking advice.

vest the $4,000 which her I find myself at thirty-five with a start of husband had left her, he shook his head only $5,000. In the next fifteen years, no and said, “Madam, I can name for you matter how carefully I save and wisely

I no investment that will give you more

I invest in bonds, even at 6 per cent., I than four dollars a week in income from cannot save enough to retire on comsuch a sum. To try to do so would be to fortably. It stands to reason then, one expose you to danger that you should not has to make more than 6 per cent. Can run. Put the money in a savings bank. one do that safely by investing in good Use what you need of it to pay for a six stocks of some well-established, growing months' course in stenography, and I will concerns and realize on an advance in give you a salary that will net you 20 price?” per cent. on your whole capital.”

The answer is that it cannot be done Money thus invested cannot be lost, safely. The woman who does add to her and in these times of high living costs the principal by successful speculation in high temptation for women to try to get a

grade stocks is the exception to the rule. higher return on investments than is It is an undertaking for which women, and possible with safety is greater than many many men, are not equipped. of them can resist. If they are along in For an investment of $35,000 of inyears they might solve this problem by surance money by a widow who had a good buying an annuity from a good life in- home, $20,000 of income-producing real surance company. This uses up the estate, and $17,000 invested in a local principal but provides a larger income as building and loan association, bank and long as the purchaser lives.

industrial preferred stocks and bonds, If the amount to be invested is ample, the following suggestions of high grade, or the woman realizes that high interest non-callable, long-term bonds were rereturn and safety do not go together, the cently made by the Investment Editor: problem is easier to solve. Many in

Union Pacific ist lien and refunding 5s due surance companies are now recognizing 2008 a responsibility where it is insurance Pennsylvania R. R. general mortgage 5 money to be invested. They do not due. 1968 give as high a return as some good in-. Dominion of Canada 5s due 1952, redeemvestment bonds yield to-day; but their able at 100 after 1942 long lists of security holdings afford much Brooklyn Union Gas ist consolidated 5 greater diversification than any investor can obtain and thus afford greater safety

Detroit Edison ist mortgage 55 due 1933 with a freedom from care and a greater

Liggett & Myers 5s due 1951 convenience that should appeal to women.

Niagara Falls Power Co. ist mortgage 5s When it comes to making their own investments, women should most be- The services of a reliable investment ware of that desire to get a high return. banking house should always be secured It is that which makes stock promoters by women who are making investments rich and keeps their victims poor. A in securities.

due 1945

due 1932

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