The Diary of Samuel Pepys ...: For the First Time Fully Transcribed from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Croscup & Sterling Company, 1900

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Página 257 - Davis is for certain going away from the Duke's house, the King being in love with her; and a house is taken for her, and furnishing ; and she hath a ring given her already worth £600: that the King did send several times for Nelly, and she was with him...
Página 288 - L'escholle des Filles, which I have bought in plain binding, avoiding the buying of it better bound, because I resolve, as soon as I have read it, to burn it, that it may not stand in the list of books, nor among them, to disgrace them, if it should be found.
Página 318 - But that which did please me beyond any thing in the whole world was the wind-musique when the angel comes down, which is so sweet that it ravished me, and indeed, in a word, did wrap up my soul so that it made me really sick, just as I have formerly been when in love with my wife; that...
Página 360 - ... several others did subscribe, some greater and some less sums; but several I saw hang off: and I doubt it will spoil the Society, for it breeds faction and ill-will, and becomes burdensome to some that cannot, or would not, do it. Here, to my great content, I did try the use of the Otacousticon...
Página 258 - Weaver, 1 which is very mean, methinks, in a prince, and I am sorry for it, and can hope for no good to the State from having a Prince so devoted to his pleasure.
Página 247 - King his ordering : of some particular thing in the Wardrobe, which was of no great value ; but yet, as much as it was, it was of profit to the King and saving to his purse. The King answered to it with great indifferency, as a thing that it was no great matter whether it was done or no. Sir W. Coventry answered : " I see your Majesty do not remember the old English proverb, ' He that will not stoop for a pin, will never be worth a pound.
Página 253 - Nursery;' but the house did not act to-day; and so I to the other two playhouses into the pit, to gaze up and down, and there did by this means, for nothing, see an act in " The Schoole of Compliments...
Página 235 - Couple," which is but an ordinary play ; but only Nell's and Hart's mad parts are most...
Página 268 - Comes news from Kate Joyce that if I would see her husband alive, I must come presently. So I to him, and find his breath rattled in his throat ; and they did lay pigeons to his feet, and all despair of him.
Página 280 - It is observed, and is true, in the late fire of London, that the fire burned just as many Parish-Churches as there were hours from the beginning to the end of the fire ; and, next, that there were just as many Churches left standing as there were taverns left standing in the rest of the City that was not burned, being, I think, thirteen in all of each : which is pretty to observe.

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