Manual of the Natural History, Geology, and Physics of Greenland, and the Neighboring Regions: Prepared for the Use of the Arctic Expedition of 1875, Under the Direction of the Arctic Committeee of the Royal Society, for the Use of the Expedition. Published by Authority of the Lords Commissoners of the Admiralty

H.M. Stationery Office, 1875 - 869 páginas

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Página 305 - In some parts it was in sufficient quantity to tinge the sand, as " seen from a distance, of a pale yellowish colour. Further inland, " during the whole ride of fourteen leagues, I saw only one other " vegetable production, and that was a most minute yellow Lichen \ " growing on the bones of the dead Mules.
Página 736 - the globe of the Earth may be regarded as " one great magnet, having four magnetic poles, two of them near " each pole of the equator, and that in those parts of the world " which lie near any of those magnetic poles the needle is chiefly " governed thereby, the nearest pole being always predominant " over the more remote.
Página 566 - we naturally draw is, that the vast quantities of broken recent timber, as observed by numerous Arctic explorers, were drifted to their present position when the islands of the Arctic Archipelago were submerged. This inference is indeed supported by the unanswerable evidence of the submarine associates of the timber, for from the summit of Coxcomb Range
Página 304 - The bleakest rock upon the loneliest heath Feels in its barrenness some touch of spring ; And, in the April dew or beam of May, Its moss and lichen freshen and revive.
Página 216 - that on the succeeding warmth of the present epoch, those species that survived both ascended the mountains of the warmer zones, and also returned northwards, accompanied by aborigines of the countries they had invaded during their southern migration. Mr. Darwin shows how aptly such an explanation meets the difficulty of accounting for the restriction of so many American- and
Página 766 - place in the Polar regions between the positive electricity of the atmosphere and the negative electricity of the earth, are the essential and unique cause of the formation of the polar
Página 217 - If it be granted that the polar area was once occupied by the Scandinavian flora, and that the cold of the Glacial Epoch did drive this vegetation southwards, it is evident that the Greenland individuals, from being confined to a peninsula, would
Página 738 - uttered an exclamation of surprise at seeing a bright " ray of the Aurora shoot suddenly downward from the general " mass of light, and between us and the land, which was there
Página 515 - Celsius expressed his opinion that the waters both of the Baltic and Northern Ocean were gradually subsiding, and from numerous observations inferred that the rate of depression was about 40 Swedish inches in a century. In support of this position he alleged that there were many rocks
Página 564 - Whenever this wood was in a well-preserved state, it was either detected in gullies or ravines, or had probably been recently exhumed from the frozen soil or ice. In such cases, and particularly on the northern faces of the slopes where the sun never acts, wood might be preserved any length of time, inasmuch

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