A New and Accurate History and Survey of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Places Adjacent, Volumen3


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Página 205 - the vault, and that the performance of the promife was then claimed. The company, at one o'clock, went into the church, and the gentleman, to whom the promife was made, went, with one more, into the vault. The
Página 205 - where the body is depofited, and give a token of her prefence there by a knock upon her coffin: it was therefore determined to make this trial of the exiftence or veracity of the fuppofed
Página 205 - upon, her back, and was required to hold her hands out of bed. From that time, though the fpirit was very folemnly required to manifeft its exiftence, by appearance, by
Página 459 - governor and company of merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other parts of America, and for encouraging
Página 337 - it be good and wholefome for man's body, upon pain that will fall thereof. " And that no manner of perfon buy, nor fell, but with true weights and meafures, fealed according to the ftatute in that behalf made, upon pain that will fall thereof.
Página 205 - on the hand or body of any prefent, by fcratches, knocks, or any other agency, no evidence of any preternatural power was exhibited. The fpirit was then very ferioufly
Página 6 - the prefervation of public credit is at this " time, do hereby declare, that we will not refufe " to receive bank notes in payment of any fum
Página 166 - day the right honourable the lord-mayor, aldermen, and commons, of the city of London, in common-council aflembled, waited on his majefty ; and being introduced to his majefty by the
Página 204 - On the night of the ift of February many gentlemen, eminent for their rank and character, were, by the invitation of the reverend Mr.
Página 331 - men. ) Nine of the foregoing officers have liveries of the lord-mayor, viz. the fword-bearer and his man;' the three carvers; and the four yeomen of the water fide. All the reft have liveries from the chamber of London.

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