The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mrs. Delaney, Rev. from Lady Llanover's Edition, Volumen2


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Página 464 - ... drawing-room, where there is a chair ready for me by the Queen's left hand. The three eldest princesses sit round the table, and the ladies in waiting, Lady Charlotte Finch and Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave. A vacant chair is left for the King, •whenever he pleases to sit down in it.
Página 76 - Coventry makes after her short-lived reign of beauty, ' writes Mrs. Delany, a prudent lady and a severe- ' Not content with the extraordinary share Providence had bestowed on her, she presumptuously and vainly thought to mend it; and by that means, they say, has destroyed her life, for Dr. Taylor says the white she made use of for her face and neck was rank poison. I wish it may be a warning to her imitators.
Página 15 - ... tell what colour they were of, but to the best of my judgment they were what Solomon called " dove's eyes ; " and she is almost the only woman I ever saw whose lips were scarlet, and her bloom beyond expression. The sweetness arising from united graces was guarded by a dignity which kept...
Página 404 - Indeed Sir Joseph Banks used to say that Mrs. Delany's representations of flowers " were the only imitations of nature that he had ever seen, from which he could venture to describe botanically any plant without the least fear of committing an error.
Página 464 - Queen has had the goodness to command me to come ivhenever it is quite easy to me to do it, without sending particularly for me, lest it should embarrass me to refuse ; so that most evenings at half an hour past seven I go to Miss Burney's apartment, and when the royal family return from the terrace, the King, or one of the Princesses (generally the youngest, Princess Amelia, just four years old), come into the room, take me by the hand, and lead me...
Página 397 - The king and queen and the princesses received us in the drawing-room, to which we went through the concert-room. Princess Mary took me by the left hand, princess Sophia and the sweet little prince Octavius took rne by the right hand, and led me after the duchess of Portland into the drawing-room. The king nodded and smiled upon my little conductors, and bid them lead me up -to the queen, who stood in the middle of the room. When we were all seated, (for the queen is so gracious she will always make...
Página 379 - Radzivil, and may be Queen of Poland, really married to him. The Prince of Radzivil is a grandee of Poland, and has it in contemplation to be King there at the next general election, which will make a curious finishing to the edifice of her extraordinary fortune.
Página 177 - Happy for us, were we as sure that the former tended as much to our real good as the latter. I may moralize on and never want for food ! Pleasure, or rather vanity and folly, run high. Ladies lose vast sums ! it answers their purpose by killing that which will kill them (time), little thinking of that bar where they must inevitably appear and be arraigned for that murder ! It mortifies my sex's pride to see women expose themselves so much to the contempt of the men, over whom I think from nature...
Página 70 - Tuesday, ordered to be buried privately in Westminster Abbey, and a monument not to exceed £600 for him. I had the pleasure to reconcile him to his old friends; he saw them and forgave them, and let all their legacies stand! In the codicil he left many legacies to his friends, and among the rest he left me £500, and has left to you the two pictures you formerly gave him.
Página 406 - The time is come ! I can no more The vegetable world explore ; No more with rapture cull each flower That paints the mead or twines the bower ; No more with admiration see Its beauteous form and symmetry ! No more attempt with hope elate Its lovely hues to imitate ! Farewell ! to all those friendly powers That blest my solitary hours ; Alas!

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