South America on the Eve of Emancipation; the Southern Spanish Colonies in the Last Half-century of Their Dependence

G. P. Putnam's sons, 1908 - 356 páginas

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Página 298 - ... cashiered, and declared totally unfit and unworthy to serve his Majesty in any military capacity whatever ;" — a decision confirmed by the king, and approved of by the public.
Página 322 - English glass, knives, forks, &c. ; and even the kitchen utensils, if of iron, were English ; in fine, with very few exceptions, all was either of English or South American manufacture.
Página 278 - Privy Council, to order and declare, and it is hereby ordered and declared, That...
Página 294 - Majesty shall retain, for the period of two months, the fortress and place of Monte Video, and, as a neutral country, there shall be considered a line drawn from San Carlos on the west, to Pando on the east ; and there shall not be, on any part of that line, hostilities committed on any side, the neutrality being understood only that the individuals of both nations may live freely under their respective laws, the Spanish subjects being judged by theirs, as the English by those of their nation.
Página 297 - The essential points of these charges were as follows : "1. That Whitelocke had sent a message to the Spanish commander, demanding, among other things, 'the surrender of all persons holding civil offices in the government of Buenos Aires as prisoners of war.' ' ' 2. That during the march from Ensenada to Buenos Aires he 'did not make the military arrangements best calculated to ensure the success of his operations against the town,' and ordered the forces to enter the city with arms unloaded, and...
Página 206 - Don Jose I, by the grace of God, Inca, King of Peru, Quito, Chile, Buenos Aires, and the continents of the South Sea, Lord of the River of the Amazons, with dominion over the Grand Paytiti.
Página 297 - Ayres, and at a time when the troops under his command were in possession of posts on each flank of the town, and of the principal arsenal, with a communication open to the fleet, and having an effective force of about five thousand men, did enter into, and fmally conclude a treaty with...

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