The Epic of Hades in Three Books: By the Author of "Songs of Two Worlds"

Henry S. King, 1877 - 292 páginas

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Página 49 - And every budding bosom a new life. These fair tales, which we know so beautiful, Show only finer than our lives to-day Because their voice was clearer, and they found A sacred bard to sing them. We are pent, Who sing to-day, by all the garnered wealth Of ages of past song. We have no more The world to choose from, who, where'er we turn, Tread through old thoughts and fair. Yet must we...
Página 32 - Soul of Life and Thought be this, How best to speed the mighty scheme, which still Fares onward day by day — the Life of the World , Which is the sum of petty lives, that...
Página 138 - Yet I judge it best indeed To seek in life, as now I know I sought, Some fair impossible Love, which slays our life, Some high ideal raised too high for man ; And failing to grow mad, and cease to be, Than to decline, as they do who have found Broad-paunched content and weal and happiness : And so an end. For one day, as I know, The high aim unfulfilled fulfils itself ; The deep, unsatisfied thirst is satisfied...
Página 38 - There is a Height higher than mortal thought ; There is a Love warmer than mortal love ; There is a Life which, taking not its hues From Earth or earthly things, grows white and pure And higher than the petty cares of men, And is a blessed life and glorified.
Página 53 - Not love for him allured me, but the thirst For freedom, if in more than thought I erred, And was not rapt but willing. For my child Born to an unloved father, loved me not, The fresh sea called, the galleys plunged, and I Fled willing from my prison and the pain Of undesired caresses, and the wind Was fair, and on the third day as we sailed, My heart was glad within me when I saw The towers of Ilium rise beyond the...
Página 151 - Then soared she visibly before my gaze, And the heavens took her, and I knew my eyes Had seen the soul of man, the deathless soul, Defeated, struggling, purified, and blest. Then all the choir of happy waiting shades, Heroes and queens, fair maidens and brave youths. Swept by me, rhythmic, slow, as if they trod Some unheard measure, passing where I stood In fair procession, each with a faint smile Upon the lip, signing " Farewell, oh shade ! It shall be well with thee, as 'tis with us, If only thou...
Página 51 - How should any hold Those precious scriptures only oldworld tales Of strange impossible torments and false gods ; Of men and monsters in some brainless dream, Coherent, yet unmeaning, linked together By some false skein of song ? Nay ! evermore, All things and thoughts, both new and old, are writ Upon the unchanging human heart and soul.

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