The Birth of the War-god: A Poem, Tr. from the Sanskrit Into English Verse

W.H. Allen & Company, 1853 - 89 páginas

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Página 78 - This flame be witness of your wedded life : Be just, thou husband, and be true, thou wife ! " Such was the priestly blessing on the bride. Eager she listened, as the earth when dried By parching summer suns drinks deeply in The first soft droppings when the rains begin. \ '
Página 78 - Meru's feet. Thrice at the bidding of the priest they came With swimming eyes around the holy flame ; Then at his word the Bride in order due Into the blazing fire the parched grain threw, And...
Página 78 - ... at the bidding of the Priest they came With swimming eyes around the holy flame ; Then at his word the Bride in order due Into the blazing fire the parched grain threw, And toward her face the scented smoke she drew, While softly wreathing o'er her cheek it hung, And round her ears in flower- like beauty clung.
Página 11 - In distant thunder from the rocky dell, In angry pride he raised his voice of fear And from the mountain drove the startled deer. Bright fire — a shape the God would sometimes wear Who takes eight various forms — was glowing there ; Then the great Deity who gives the prize Of penance, prayer, and holy exercise, As though to earn the meed he grants to man, Himself the penance and the pain began.
Página 10 - GANGA laves the mountain pine, Clad in a coat of skin all rudely wrought He lived for prayer and solitary thought ; The faithful band that served the Hermit's will Lay in the hollows of the rocky hill, Where from the clefts the dark bitumen flowed ; Tinted with mineral dyes their bodies glowed, Their garb, rude mantles of the birch-tree's rind, With bright red garlands was their hair entwined ; The holy Bull before his master's feet Shook the hard-frozen earth with echoing feet...
Página 5 - Blest was that hour, and all the world was gay, When Mena's daughter saw the light of day. A rosy glow filled all the brightening sky, And odorous breeze came sweeping softly by, Breathed round the hill a sweet unearthly strain, And the glad heavens poured down their flowery rain.
Página 30 - Like the moon's influence on the sea at rest, Came passion stealing over the hermit's breast, While on the maiden's lip that mocked the dye Of ripe red fruit he bent his melting eye. And oh ! how showed the lady's love for him, The heaving bosom and each quivering limb ! Like young Kadambas, when the leaf buds swell At the warm touch of spring they love so well, But still with downcast eyes she sought the ground, And durst not turn their burning glances round.
Página 2 - Oft, when the gleamings of his mountain brass Flash through the clouds and tint them as they pass, Those glories mock the hues of closing day, And heaven's bright wantons hail their hour of play ; Try, ere the time, the magic of their glance, And deck their beauty for the twilight dance. Dear to the sylphs are the cool shadows thrown By dark clouds wandering round the mountain's zone, Till frightened by the storm and rain they seek Eternal sunshine on each loftier peak.
Página 71 - Soft unguent now it shed delightful scent ; And that mid-eye which glittering like a star Shot the wild terror of its glance afar — So softly now its golden radiance beamed — A mark of glory on his forehead seemed. His twining serpents, destined still to be The pride and honour of the Deity, Changed but their bodies — in each sparkling crest The blazing gems still shone their loveliest. What need of...

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