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Help for high school studies is here with REA's High School Tutor series! Each High School Tutor book makes it easy to learn difficult subjects. The High School Tutor for U.S. History and Government covers every American history and government topic taught in classrooms today including Pre-Colonization to modern America, the branches of the federal government, Supreme Court decisions, and more. In easy-to-follow, student-friendly language, students are tutored intelligently about U.S. history & government making the subject easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to study. DETAILS - An essential companion to any high school textbook - Superb study guide for quizzes, tests and exams - An excellent aid when working on homework - Helps students grasp and understand U.S. History and Government more fully - Indexed for easy topic searches

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Title Page Copyright Page CHAPTER 1 The Colonial
The Revolution
Beginnings of the U S Government
Expansion of the Nation
The Civil
Postwar Growth of the Nation
World War I and the Depression
World War II
Cold War Politics and Society
The New Conservation
U S Government Structure
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