A Treatise on Metalliferous Minerals and Mining

Crosby Lockwood, 1886 - 438 páginas

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Página 25 - THE DISCOUNT GUIDE. Comprising several Series of Tables for the use of Merchants, Manufacturers, Ironmongers, and others, by which may be ascertained the exact Profit arising from any mode of using Discounts, either in the Purchase or Sale of Goods, and the method of either Altering a Rate of Discount, or Advancing a Price, so as to produce, by one operation, a sum that will realise any required profit after allowing one or more Discounts : to which are added Tables of Profit or Advance from ij to...
Página 24 - PRACTICAL GEOMETRY, for the Architect, Engineer, and Mechanic ; giving Rules for the Delineation and Application of various Geometrical Lines, Figures and Curves. By EW TARN, MA, Architect, Author of "The Science of Building,
Página 9 - Phrases and Forms in English, French, Italian, and German. By JAMES HADDON, MA, Arithmetical Master of King's College School, London, is. 6d. 84. ARITHMETIC, a Rudimentary Treatise on : with full Explanations of its Theoretical Principles, and numerous Examples for Practice. For the Use of Schools and for Self-Instruction. By JR YOUNG, late Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. New Edition, with Index, is. 6d. 84*.
Página 6 - Consisting of a Series of Tables, with Rules, Explanations of Systems, and Use of Theodolite for Traverse Surveying and Plotting the Work with minute accuracy by means of Straight Edge and Set Square only; Levelling with the Theodolite...
Página 16 - Xenophon's Anabasis ; or, The Retreat of the Ten Thousand. Notes and a Geographical Register, by H. YOUNG. Part i. Books i. to iii., is.
Página 15 - THE CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE. Or, Book of Lines for Carpenters ; comprising all the Elementary Principles essential for acquiring a knowledge of Carpentry. Founded on the late PETER NICHOLSON'S standard work. A New Edition, Revised by ARTHUR ASHPITEL, FSA Together with Practical Rules on Drawing, by GEORGE PYNE. With 74 Plates, 410, cloth £1 1 1.
Página 25 - IRON-PLATE WEIGHT TABLES: For Iron Shipbuilders, Engineers and Iron Merchants. Containing the Calculated Weights of upwards of 150,000 different sizes of Iron Plates, from i foot by 6 in. by J in. to 10 feet by 5 feet by i in. Worked out on the basis of 40 Ibs. to the square foot of Iron of i inch in thickness.
Página 7 - THE FORMS OF SHIPS AND BOATS. By W. BLAND. Seventh Edition, Revised, with numerous Illustrations and Models, is. 6d. 99. NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY, in Theory and Practice. By Prof. JR YOUNG. New Edition. 2s. 6d. 106. SHIPS
Página 1 - It is not too much to say that no books have ever proved more popular with, or more useful to, young engineers and" others than the excellent treatises comprised in WEALE'S SERIES.
Página 24 - IRON AND METAL TRADES' COMPANION. For expeditiously ascertaining the Value of any Goods bought or sold by Weight, from is. per cwt. to 1125.

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