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I. Photographic facsimile of title-page, Le
Jeune's Relation of 1637

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Following is a synopsis of the documents contained in the present volume:

XXVII. Brébeuf, the superior of the Huron mission, writes a brief letter from Ihonatiria, in the Huron country, to his general at Rome, Vitelleschi, outlining the progress of the Huron mission thus far, and asking for more laborers in this great field; the prime qualifications for effective service are, varying gentleness, and unshaken patience. The letter is without date, but bears internal evidence of having been written in 1636.

XXVIII. This second letter of Brébeuf to the general, dated at Ihonatiria, May 20, 1637, is a similar special report upon the condition of the Huron missions. The more detailed Huron Relation of the year, by Le Mercier, was closed at Ihonatiria a month later (June 21), and forwarded to the Quebec superior, Le Jeune. In his letter, Brébeuf mentions two hindrances experienced in their work during the past year,— the ravages of a pestilence (apparently the smallpox) to which many Indians had succumbed, but from which the whites had fortunately recovered; and the reports, spread by their enemies, that the disease had been introduced by the French, which at first were easily believed by the credulous tribesmen.

However, upon the mitigation of the scourge, the missionaries had regained their influence, and many conversions now occur. Over two hundred have been baptized, and many of the natives are under regular instruction. A new mission station, that of the Immaculate Conception, has been erected at Ossossané (La Rochelle); and Huron boys are being sent to the seminary at Quebec. He names his five co-workers, who are studying the native language, and especially praises the aptitude of Garnier therein.

XXIX. The Relation of 1637 is, as usual, a composite; see, for particulars, Bibliographical Data for the present volume. Le Jeune's Relation proper, as superior of the Jesuit missions in New France (Part I. of the document), was closed on board the ship “Ste. Marie," at Cap Rouge; in the present volume, we give chaps. i. - ix. thereof, reserving the rest of Part I. for Vol. XII., and Part II. (the annual Huron Relation) for Vols. XIII., XIV.

The following syn. opsis covers the portion published in this volume:

The superior opens his Relation by describing the sympathy and assistance bestowed upon the Canadian mission by its friends in Europe. The Pope has sent them plenary indulgences for certain feast days, and asks the general of the order for a Relation of the progress made by the mission. Mont. magny, the new governor of Canada, appointed as successor to Champlain, is one of the Knights of Malta, who have consented to defend New France. Several persons are thanked with heartfelt gratitude, who have given financial aid to the mission. The superior reports that prayers innumerable are being uttered in France, for the success of the cause. Nuns are planning to come hither,- the Ursulines to teach

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