Centennial History of the Borough of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, 1806-1906

Champlin Press, 1906 - 564 páginas

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This book is very informative of the history of Connellsville and it's people. The Centennial must have been a grand affair!
I found this extremely helpful for the genealogy of my family that lived there.



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Página 135 - There, in his noisy mansion, skill'd to rule, The village master taught his little school. A man severe he was, and stern to view ; I knew him well, and every truant knew: Well had the boding tremblers learn'd to trace The day's disasters in his morning face; Full well they laugh'd with counterfeited glee At all his jokes, for many a joke had he...
Página 475 - All compensation for services and expenses provided for in this act shall be paid by the state treasurer upon the warrant of the auditor general...
Página 131 - I have seen the present chief magistrate of this Commonwealth violently assailed as the projector and father of this law. I am not the eulogist of that gentleman; he has been guilty of many deep political sins; but he deserves the undying gratitude of the people for the steady, untiring zeal which he has manifested in favor of common schools.
Página 254 - Any corporation may purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of the shares of the capital stock of, or any bonds, securities or evidences of indebtedness created by any other corporation or corporations of this or any other state, and while owner of such stock may exercise all the rights, powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon.
Página 13 - We had a tedious and very fatiguing passage down the creek. Several times we had liked to have been staved against rocks, and many times were obliged, all hands, to get out and remain in the water half an hour or more, getting over the shoals. At one place the ice had lodged and made it impassable by water; we were therefore obliged to carry our canoe across the neck of land, a quarter of a mile over. We did not reach Venango until the 22d, where we met with our horses.
Página 69 - April next, the Burgess and Town Council duly elected as aforesaid, and their successors, shall be one body politic and corporate in law, by the name and style of "The Burgess and the Town Council of the Borough of Connellsville...
Página 220 - And be it further enacted that it shall and may be lawful for the said company to employ all such surplus capital as may belong or accrue to the said company in the purchase of public or other stock, or in any other moneyed transactions or operations not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this State or of the United States, for the sole benefit of the said company.
Página 69 - ... shall be capable in law to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any of the courts of law in this commonwealth, in all manner of actions whatsoever, and to have and to use one common seal, and the same from time to time, at their will, to change and alter.
Página 256 - In compliance with the requirements of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations...
Página 220 - ... not inconsistent with the Constitution of the State of New York or of the United States for the sole benefit of said company.

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