An Experimental Inquiry Into the Cause of the Changes of Colours in Opake and Coloured Bodies By Edward Hussey Delaval....

J. Nourse, 1777 - 138 páginas

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Página iii - ... them; and that these primitive particles being solids are incomparably harder than any porous bodies compounded of them, even so very hard as never to wear or break in pieces, no ordinary power being able to divide what God himself made one in the first creation.
Página iv - ... they wear away or break in pieces, the nature of things depending on them would be changed. Water and earth composed of old worn particles and fragments of particles, would not be of the same nature and texture now with water and earth composed of entire particles in the beginning. And therefore that nature may be lasting, the changes of corporeal things are to be placed only in the various separations and new associations and motions of these permanent particles; compound bodies being apt to...
Página 165 - Essai sur la nouvelle théorie du feu élémentaire et de la chaleur des corps.
Página 83 - Description et usages des Nouveaux Barometres, pour mesurer la Hauteur des Montagnes et la Profondeur des Mines, appartenants aux Collections d'Instrumens d'Astronomie et de Physique, faits...
Página 5 - Rays of one Colour, and tranfmit thofe of another ', on the fame grounds that thin Plates or Bubbles do reJleSt or tranfmit thofe Rays.
Página iii - All thefe things being confidered, it feems " probable to me, that God in the beginning formed " Matter in folid, mafly, hard, impenetrable, move...
Página 179 - On fait, par expérience, que tous les animaux qui ont des poumons . ont leur fang beaucoup plus chaud que ceux qui n'en ont point. C'eft même une règle générale que le fâng de ceux qui ont des poumons , cil d'autant plus chaud, que leurs poumons font plus grands.
Página 71 - Les chaux mercurielles que j'ai traitées , font au nombre de quatre: les deux premières ont été faites par l'intermède de l'acide nitreux & de l'acide marin , & toutes deux féparées de ces acides par...
Página iii - But mould they wear away, or break in pieces, the Nature of Things depending on them, would be changed. Water and Earth, compofed of old worn Particles and Fragments of Particles, would not be of the fame Nature and Texture now, with Water and Earth compofed of entire Particles in the Beginning. And therefore...
Página xxxvi - And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn; and the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price

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