The illustrated history of the British empire in India and the East ... to the suppression of the Sepoy mutiny in 1859. With a continuation [by another author] to the end of 1878, Volumen1


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Página 446 - Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.
Página 264 - An Act for continuing in the East India Company, for a further Term, the possession of the British Territories " in India, together with certain exclusive Privileges ; for establishing further Regulations for the Government of the said Territories, and the better Administration of Justice within the same ; and for regulating the Trade to and from the Places within the Limits of the said Company's Charter...
Página 204 - ... the wished-for consummation. The last scene in this tragic play is generally a room in the rear of the building, a species of deadhouse, where lie stretched those who have passed into the state of bliss the opium-smoker madly seeks — an emblem of the long sleep to which he is blindly hurrying.
Página 397 - Bangkok may rent land, and buy or build houses, but cannot purchase lands within a circuit of 200 sen (not more than four miles English) from the city walls, until they shall have lived in Siam for ten years, or shall obtain special authority from the Siamese Government to enable them to do so.
Página 59 - ... objects of the natural history of the mind, and when separated into families according to the analogies existing in their internal structure, have become a rich source of historical knowledge ; and this is probably one of the most brilliant results of modern study in the last sixty or seventy years. From the very fact of their being products of the intellectual force of mankind, they lead us, by means of the elements of their organism, into an obscure distance, unreached by traditionary records....
Página 348 - The intrinsic par, which represents that case in which the pure metal contained in the parallel denominations of coins is equal. 2nd, The commercial par, or that case in which the current value of the coin at each place (after deducting the seignorage leviable for coinage) is equal ; or, in other words, " two sums of money of different countries are commercially at par, while they can purchase an equal quantity of the same kind of pure metal.
Página 265 - An Act for continuing in the East India Company for a further term the possession of the British Territories in India, together with certain exclusive privileges ; for establishing further regulations for the government of the said territories, and the better administration of justice within the same ; and for regulating the trade to and from the places within the limits of the said Company's Charter...
Página 395 - But the Consul shall not interfere in any matters referring solely to Siamese, neither will the Siamese authorities interfere in questions which only concern the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty.
Página 154 - In this island there is a very high mountain, so rocky and precipitous that the ascent to the top is impracticable, as it is said, excepting by the assistance of iron chains employed for that purpose. By means of these -some persons attain the summit, where the tomb of Adam, our first parent, is reported to be found. Such is the account .given by the Saracens.
Página 446 - No native of the said territories, nor any natural born subject of His Majesty resident therein, shall, by reason only of his religion, place of birth, descent, colour or any of them, be disabled from holding any place or employment under the said Company".

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