History of Rome for Young Persons

T.Hatchard, 1858 - 669 páginas

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Página 671 - THE PEEP OF DAY, or a series of the earliest religious Instruction, the Infant Mind is capable of receiving, with verses illustrative of the subjects, 1 vol. 18mo. with engravings, $0 50 LINE UPON LINE, by the author of
Página 671 - Pratt. — A TREATISE ON ATTRACTIONS, LAPLACE'S FUNCTIONS, AND THE FIGURE OF THE EARTH. By JOHN H. PRATT, MA, Archdeacon of Calcutta, Author of "The Mathematical Principles of Mechanical Philosophy.
Página 669 - NECESSARIA; or, Elementary Latin Exercises on all the Parts of Speech, and the Substance of Syntax ; containing English Words and Sentences to be turned into Latin, Latin into English, and numerous Examination Questions to be entered on with the Accidence. With an Introduction.
Página 667 - A very ingenious attempt to bring the recent discoveries of the critical school into working competition with the miserable Goldsmiths and Pinnocks of our youth."— Christian Remembrancer. " The clear, lively, and pleasing style of narration is admirably calculated to awaken and sustain the attention. Here we have anything but a dry detail of names, dates, and facts, such as is too often to be met with in brief compilations of history. When in addition to this, we state that she has derived her...
Página 672 - The volume consists of letters chiefly addressed to his son and daughter; and exhibits the writer in a very amiable, affectionate, pious, and sensible light. Some of the epistles to his son contain judicious advice on study and critical remarks on books.
Página 672 - Scripture Catechism; extracted chiefly from the Rev. Edward Bickersteth's " Scripture Help." Designed to assist the Young in acquiring a Knowledge of the Holy Bible, and to commend it to their love. By EW 18mo.
Página 671 - It must be very interesting to children. Those to whom we have read passages, taken at random, clap their little hands with delight."— English Journal of Education.
Página 671 - THE PEEP OF DAY, Or a Series of the earliest Religious instruction, the Infant Mind is capable of receiving, with verses illustrative ol the subjects, 1 vol. 18mo, with engravings. $0 50. LINE UPON LINE, By the Author of " Peep of Day,

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