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The belted plaid and tartan hose
Did ne'er more graceful limbs disclose;
His flaxen hair, of sunny hue,

Curled closely round his bonnet blue.
Trained to the chase, his eagle eye
The ptarmigan in snow could spy;
Each pass, by mountain, lake, and heath,
He knew, through Lennox and Menteith;
Vain was the bound of dark-brown doe
When Malcolm bent his sounding bow,
And scarce that doe, though winged with fear,
Outstripped in speed the mountaineer:

Right up Ben Lomond could he press,
And not a sob his toil confess.
His form accorded with a mind
Lively and ardent, frank and kind;
A blither heart, till Ellen came,
Did never love nor sorrow tame;
It danced as lightsome in his breast
As played the feather on his crest.
Yet friends, who nearest knew the youth,
His scorn of wrong, his zeal for truth,
And bards, who saw his features bold
When kindled by the tales of old,
Said, were that youth to manhood grown,
Not long should Roderick Dhu's renown
Be foremost voiced by mountain fame,
But quail to that of Malcolm Græme.

563. Quail. Cower.







Now back they wend their watery way,
And, "O my sire!" did Ellen say,
"Why urge thy chase so far astray?
And why so late returned? And why" —
The rest was in her speaking eye.
"My child, the chase I follow far,
'Tis mimicry of noble war;

And with that gallant pastime reft
Were all of Douglas I have left.
I met young Malcolm as I strayed
Far eastward, in Glenfinlas' shade;
Nor strayed I safe, for all around

Hunters and horsemen scoured the ground.
This youth, though still a royal ward,
Risked life and land to be my guard,
And through the passes of the wood
Guided my steps, not unpursued;
And Roderick shall his welcome make,
Despite old spleen, for Douglas' sake.
Then must he seek Strath-Endrick glen,
Nor peril aught for me again."






Sir Roderick, who to meet them came,
Reddened at sight of Malcolm Græme,

570. Mimicry. Imitation.-571. Reft. Taken away.
574. Glenfinlas. A wooded valley.

577, Royal ward. Under the protection of the king.

582. Despite old spleen. Notwithstanding old quarrels.


583. Strath-Endrick glen. A valley drained by Strath-Endrick into

Loch Lomond.

[blocks in formation]

His mother, Douglas, and the Græme,
And Ellen too; then cast around

His eyes, then fixed them on the ground,
As studying phrase that might avail
Best to convey unpleasant tale.
Long with his dagger's hilt he played,
Then raised his haughty brow, and said:


"Short be my speech; - nor time affords,
Nor my plain temper, glozing words.
Kinsman and father, if such name
Douglas vouchsafe to Roderick's claim;
Mine honored mother; - Ellen, - why,
My cousin, turn away thine eye? --
And Græme, in whom I hope to know
Full soon a noble friend or foe,

When age shall give thee thy command,
And leading in thy native land,

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591. Courier. Messenger sent with haste. -592. Parley. Conference. 606. Glozing. Fair, smooth, or flattering.

List all! — The King's vindictive pride
Boasts to have tamed the Border-side,
Where chiefs, with hound and hawk who came
To share their monarch's sylvan game,
Themselves in bloody toils were snared,
And when the banquet they prepared,
And wide their loyal portals flung,
O'er their own gateway struggling hung.
Loud cries their blood from Meggat's mead,
From Yarrow braes and banks of Tweed,
Where the lone streams of Ettrick glide,
And from the silver Teviot's side;
The dales, where martial clans did ride,
Are now one sheep-walk, waste and wide.
This tyrant of the Scottish throne,
So faithless and so ruthless known,

Now hither comes; his end the same,
The same pretext of sylvan game.

What grace for Highland Chiefs, judge ye
By fate of Border chivalry.

Yet more; amid Glenfinlas' green,

Douglas, thy stately form was seen.
This by espial sure I know:

Your counsel in the streight I show."






616. Tamed the Border-side. James V. strove to put down the lawlessness of the Border chiefs, who were almost licensed robbers. He made a progress, dealing stern justice, and taking several by surprise, in especial one Johnnie Armstrong who came out to welcome him, but was seized and put to death. YONGE.-621. Portals. Doors or gates. 623. Meggat, Yarrow, Ettrick, and Teviot. Tweed.-624. Braes. Sloping or hilly ground. 630. Ruthless. Pitiless.

Streams flowing into the

632. Pretext. A false motive given for the real one. -637. Espial. Observation. - 638. Streight or strait. Difficulty or emergency.


Ellen and Margaret fearfully

Sought comfort in each other's eye,
Then turned their ghastly look, each one,
This to her sire, that to her son.

The hasty color went and came

In the bold cheek of Malcolm Græme,
But from his glance it well appeared
'Twas but for Ellen that he feared;
While, sorrowful, but undismayed,
The Douglas thus his counsel said:

"Brave Roderick, though the tempest roar,
It may but thunder and pass o'er;
Nor will I here remain an hour,

To draw the lightning on thy bower;

For well thou know'st, at this gray head
The royal bolt were fiercest sped.

For thee, who, at thy King's command,
Canst aid him with a gallant band,
Submission, homage, humbled pride,
Shall turn the Monarch's wrath aside.
Poor remnants of the Bleeding Heart,
Ellen and I will seek apart
The refuge of some forest cell,

There, like the hunted quarry, dwell,
Till on the mountain and the moor
The stern pursuit be passed and o'er."-


"No, by mine honor," Roderick said,

"So help me Heaven, and my good blade! No, never! Blasted be yon Pine,







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