The Last Travels of Ida Pfeiffer: Inclusive of a Visit to Madagascar : with an Autobiographical Memoir of the Author

Harper, 1861 - 281 páginas

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Página 283 - With a, full View of the English-Dutch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada. By JOHN LOTHROP MOTLEY, LL.D., DCL Portraits.
Página 285 - Motley, who, during the last five years, for the better prosecution of his labors, has established his residence in the neighborhood of the scenes of his narrative. No one acquainted with the fine powers of mind possessed by this scholar, and the earnestness with which he has devoted himself to the task, can doubt that he will do full justice to his important but difficult subject. — WH PKESCOTT. The production of such a work as this astonishes, while it gratifies the pride of the American reader....
Página 284 - History of the Dutch Republic" is a great gift to us ; but the heart and earnestness that beat through all its pages are greater, for they give us most timely inspiration to vindicate the true ideas of our country, and to compose an able history of our own.— Christian Examiner (Boston). This work bears on its face the evidences of scholarship and research The arrangement is clear and effective ; the style energetic, lively, and often brilliant.
Página 284 - It is a work of real historical value, the result of accurate criticism, written in a liberal spirit, and from first to last deeply interesting.
Página 284 - Quarterly Review. To the illustration of this most interesting period Mr. Motley has brought the matured powers of a vigorous and brilliant mind, and the abundant fruits of patient and judicious study and deep reflection. The result is, one of the most important contributions to historical literature that have been made in this coun-
Página 284 - Review. Mr. Motley's work is an important one, the result of profound research, sincere convictions, sound principles, and manly sentiments; and even those who are most familiar with the history of the period will find in it a fresh and vivid addition to their previous knowledge. It does honor to American literature, and would do honor to the literature of any country in the world.
Página 285 - Mr. Motley's volumes will well repay perusal. * * * For his learning, his liberal tone, and his generous enthusiasm, we heartily commend him, and bid him good speed for the remainer of his interesting and heroic narrative.—Saturday Review.
Página 285 - History" is a work of which any country might be proud. — Press (London). Mr. Motley's History will be a standard book of reference in historical literature. — London Literary Gazette. Mr. Motley has searched the whole range of historical documents necessary to the composition of his work.-— London Leader. This is really a great work. It belongs to the class of books in which we range our Grotes, Milmans, Meri vales, and Macaulays, as the glories of English literature in the department of history.
Página 283 - Fertile as the present age has been in historical works of the highest merit, none of them can be ranked above these volumes in the grand qualities of interest, accuracy, and truth.
Página 146 - Some let these tails hang all about their heads, while others unite them into bands or bunches, so as to cover the whole head. This kind of head-dress takes a good deal of time in preparing, particularly in the cases of the richer Malagaseys, who have their hair plaited into an infinite number of these little tails. On the head of one of these native beauties I counted above sixty plaits. The good lady's slaves must have had a good day's work in bringing them to the right pitch of perfection. On...

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