The babes in the basket; or, Daph and her charge [by C.E. Bowen].

T. Woolmer, 2, Castle Street, City Road, E.C.; and 66 Paternoster Row, E.C., 1865 - 96 páginas
Daph risks her life to save the children of her master and mistress from death at the hands of fellow slaves on a Caribbean island and flees with them to New York.

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Página 26 - made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that in them is," and in her simple way she would " praise the Lord for all His wonderful works.
Página 106 - Little Charlie joined his voice with that of his earnest sister ; and poor Daph, 'mid fast-flowing, tears, added her notes of praise to that evening hymn. Joy and peace that evening pervaded those few hearts in that humble room, for it was bright with His presence who has said, " Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.
Página 72 - Daph, wh» h had been much in her mind during the early days of their acquaintance. Such thoughts had long since been banished by the honest, upright life of the kind-hearted industrious negro, but now they rose with new strength. She recalled the richly- embroidered dresses in which the children sometimes appeared, the first summer after their arrival, and she dwelt on the reluctance which Daph always exhibited to answering any questions as to her past life, or the circumstances attending her departure...
Página 14 - He can give poor Daph sense to mind de babies !" In her ignorance she knew not how to pray, but she leaned in simple faith upon the only source of strength, and found consolation. In a half-hour after the arrival of Daph on board the Martha Jane• the trim little vessel was speeding on her homeward course. Captain Jones walked the deck in deep meditation, while from their various positions his crew watched him with curious glances.
Página 48 - Daph had to contend with ; she found she had an enemy within the house, whose attacks it wag far more difficult to meet The little woman, whose angry voice had attracted Daph's attention at first, kept her humble lodger familiar with its harsh tones. Daph's appearance was the signal for a volley of complaints as to the noise made by the children, the marks left on the floor by Daph's feet as she returned from the well, the unpleasantness of " seeing other folks so much at home in one's own house,
Página 25 - They had strange talks together — that strong man and those prattling children — and they learned much from each other. He told of the wonders of the sea — the great whales and the floating icebergs — and the petrel that the sailor never kills. Many long years Captain Jones had made the sea his home, and much he knew which books had never taught him, yet in little more than three short years Louise had learned a priceless secret, which he had never found in any land.
Página 26 - Charlie little knew of the strong feelings which agitated the breast to which he was clasped, while his little sister lisped of the lessons learned at her mother's knee. Thpse days of Daph's sickness were precious days to Captain Jones, and he was almost sorry when the stout negro triumphed over her enemy, and came on deck to resume her charge. The air grew chill as the Martha Jane sped on her northward course, and the white dresses of the children fluttered, most unseasonably, in the cool breeze....
Página 119 - She is not awake yet," said his wife : " I told the children they must not rouse her. She must take her rest ; her days of labour ar« over." "God grant that our work may be as well done ! " said the father, solemnly. Later in the day, the children could not be kept .from "just looking at dear Daffy, even if she were asleep.
Página 27 - Jan"., and under the kind protection of her sailor friend ; she was, therefore, not a little startled when he addressed to her the blunt question : — " Where are you going, Daph ? " Now, Daph had a most indistinct idea of the world at large, but, thus brought suddenly to a decision, she promptly named the only northern city of which she had heard.
Página 56 - Daph, revived by the welcome heat, was ironing away at the great table with real heartiness, while little Mary, at her side, tried to move her slender arms in the same energetic manner. Charlie was seated on the table, a happy spectator of these proceedings, while Louise stood by him, sprinkling and folding a bit of rag again and again, not doubting that she was amazingly useful. " Mary ! Mary ! " said a voice from above, feebler, and a little less sharp than usual, " who's down there with you ?...

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