Science, Volumen2

John Michels
Moses King, 1883
Since Jan. 1901 the official proceedings and most of the papers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science have been included in Science.

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Página 91 - Each essay must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and address of the author and bearing on the outside the motto or device which is inscribed upon the essay.
Página 136 - Piety displays Her mouldering roll, the piercing eye explores New manners, and the pomp of elder days, Whence culls the pensive bard his pictured stores. Nor rough nor barren are the winding ways Of hoar Antiquity, but strewn with flowers.
Página 195 - A mass of living protoplasm is simply a molecular machine of great complexity, the total results of the working of which or its vital phenomena depend on the one hand on its construction and on the other on the energy supplied to it ; and to speak of vitality as anything but the name for a series of operations is as if one should talk of the horologity of a clock.
Página 479 - It remains to inquire what is the ground of our belief in axioms, what is the evidence on which they rest. I answer, they are experimental truths, generalizations from experience.
Página 242 - American science is a thing of the future, and not of the present or past ; and the proper course of one in my position is to consider what must be done to create a science of physics in this country, rather than to call telegraphs, electric lights, and such conveniences, by. the name of science.
Página 81 - Many persons, especially women and intelligent children, take pleasure in introspection, and strive their very best to explain their mental processes. I think that a delight in self-dissection must be a strong ingredient in the pleasure that many are said to take in confessing themselves to priests. Here, then, are two rather notable results: the one is the proved facility of obtaining statistical insight into the processes of other persons...
Página 244 - ... myself have been burdened down with work, and know what it is ; and yet I here assert that all can find time for scientific research if they desire it. But here, again, that curse of our country, mediocrity, is upon us. Our colleges and universities seldom call for first-class men of reputation, and I have even heard the trustee of a well-known college assert that no professor should engage in research because of the time wasted.
Página 246 - A university should not only have great men in its faculty, but have numerous minor professors and assistants of all kinds, and should encourage the highest work, if for no other reason than to encourage the student to his highest efforts. But, assuming that the professor has high ideals, wealth such as only a large and high university can command, is necessary to allow him the fullest development. And this is specially so in our science of physics. In the early days of physics and chemistry, many...
Página 244 - If our aim in life is wealth, let us honestly engage in commercial pursuits, and compete with others for its possession ; but if we choose a life which we consider higher, let us live up to it, taking wealth or poverty as it may chance to come to us, but letting neither turn us aside from our pursuit. The work of teaching may absorb the energies of many ; and, indeed, this is the excuse given by most for not doing any scientific work. But there is an old saying, that where there is a will there is...
Página 199 - It contains many glaciated bowlders and stones from the Laurentian region to the east, and also smaller pebbles from the Rocky Mountains; so that at the time of Its formation there must have been driftage of large stones for seven hundred miles or more from the east, and of smaller stones from a less distance on the west. The former kind of material extends to the base of the mountains, and to a height of more than four thousand feet.

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