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Página 178 - Of all the processes which have been proposed for the purification of water or of water polluted by excrementitious matters, there is not one which is sufficiently effective to warrant the use, for dietetic purposes, of water which has been so contaminated. In our own opinion, therefore, rivers which have received sewage, even if that sewage has been purified before its discharge, are not safe sources of potable water.
Página 182 - ... per cent, of sewage, we are led in each case to the inevitable conclusion that the oxidation of the organic matter in sewage proceeds with extreme slowness, even when the sewage is mixed with a large volume of unpolluted water, and that it is impossible to say how far such water must flow before this sewage matter becomes thoroughly oxidized.
Página 5 - ... examine into all nuisances and sources of filth injurious to the public health, and cause to be removed all filth found within the town which in their judgment shall endanger the health of the inhabitants...
Página 9 - That any person convicted of a willful violation of any of the provisions of the preceding section shall be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court.
Página 152 - That the communicable diseases hereinafter mentioned, prevalent in certain areas, or which tend to spread along certain lines of travel, be reported to all State and Provincial Boards within said area or along said lines of communication.
Página 114 - Commonwealth, make sanitary investigations and inquiries relative to the causes of disease, and especially of epidemics, the sources of mortality and the effects of localities, employments, conditions and circumstances on the public health, and relative to the sale of drugs and food and the adulterations thereof; and shall gather such information relative thereto as it considers proper for diffusion among the people.
Página 154 - ... distribution of documents which Dr. Hewitt thus characterized, but it is in great part the " distribution of men" suggested by Dr. Hewitt. Several of our State Boards of Health have distributed documents, and Michigan makes no claim that such distribution is now a new means of prevention ; yet we do claim that statistics of sickness and deaths in Michigan in 1886, collected since the last meeting of this conference, conclusively show that there was a large saving of life and health in Michigan...
Página 290 - They conclude, therefore, that impure water, like tea, which the old woman of ninety was informed was a stealthy poison, must be exceedingly slow in its action. When will the public learn that what is apparently harmless to one is poison to another ; that some constitutions are susceptible to a disease to which others are quite...
Página 182 - ... mixed with fresh water and violently agitated in contact with air, or, finally, the rate at which dissolved oxygen disappears in water polluted with 5 per cent, of sewage, we are led in each case to the inevitable conclusion that the oxidation of the organic...
Página 178 - There is no river in the United Kingdom long enough to secure the oxidation and destruction of any sewage which may be discharged into it, even at its source.

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