The Land of the O-o: Facts, Figures, Fables, and Fancies

Cleveland Printing and Publishing Company, 1892 - 310 páginas

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Página 198 - And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night...
Página 223 - The soul of music slumbers in the shell, Till waked and kindled by the master's spell ; And feeling hearts — touch them but rightly — pour A thousand melodies unheard before...
Página 163 - Slackened within his grasp, and in its poise The arrowy jereed like an aspen shook. Day after day he lay, as if in sleep. His skin grew dry and bloodless, and white scales, Circled with livid purple, covered him. And then his nails grew black, and fell away From the dull flesh about them, and the hues Deepened beneath the hard unmoistened scales...
Página 223 - Following these rules, and using these precautions, when you have clearly and distinctly learned in what good colouring consists, you cannot do better than have recourse to nature herself, who is always at hand, and in comparison of whose true splendour the best coloured pictures are but faint and feeble.
Página 40 - That the administration of the Hawaiian Government has ceased, through corruption and incompetence, to perform the functions and afford the protection to personal and property rights for which all governments exist.
Página 192 - In Memory of the Great Circumnavigator Captain James Cook, RN, who discovered these islands on the 18th of January, AD 1778, and fell near this spot on the 14th of February, AD 1779. This monument was erected in November, AD 1874, by some of his fellow countrymen.
Página 296 - These made him say, — If God has so arrayed A fading world that quickly passes by, Such rich provision of delight has made For every human eye, What shall the eyes that wait for him survey...
Página 41 - Third — In order, so far as possible, to remove the stain now resting on the throne, we request of the King that he shall cause immediate restitution to be made of the sum, to wit : Seventy-one thousand dollars ($71,000), recently obtained by him in violation of law and of his oath of office, under promise that the persons from whom the same was obtained should receive the license to sell opium, as provided by Statute of the year 1886.
Página 223 - ... art he is never likely to forget; they are few and simple; but nature is refined, subtle, and infinitely various, beyond the power and retention of memory; it is necessary, therefore, to have continual recourse to her. In this intercourse there is no end of his improvement; the longer he lives, the nearer he approaches to the true and perfect idea of art.
Página 99 - ... of the United States, for the last twenty years, has called the attention of congress to the necessity of a radical change in the pleadings and forms now essential in prosecuting the criminal business of the general government. Indictments must be drawn after the old common-law rule, that prevailed so far back that " The memory of man runneth not to the contrary...

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