The refugee in America, Volumen1


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Página 134 - But these are all lies : men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but not for love.
Página 4 - Some banish'd lover, or some captive maid; They live, they speak, they breathe what love inspires, Warm from the soul, and faithful to its fires ; The virgin's wish without her fears impart, Excuse the blush, and pour out all the heart, Speed the soft intercourse from soul to soul, And waft a sigh from Indus to the Pole. Thou know'st how guiltless first I met thy flame. When Love approach'd me under Friendship's name; My fancy form'd thee of angelic kind, Some emanation of th
Página 196 - Open your ears; for which of you will stop The vent of hearing, when loud Rumor speaks? I, from the Orient to the drooping West, Making the wind my post-horse, still unfold The acts commenced on this ball of earth : Upon my tongues continual slanders ride; The which in every language I pronounce, Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.
Página 229 - And decks the goddess with the glittering spoil. This casket India's glowing gems unlocks, And all Arabia breathes from yonder box.
Página 60 - The father of the family was a tall stout man, about forty, and would would have been handsome, had not his mouth been rendered unseemly by the hue of tobacco, and his eyes sunk, as if out of health. His brother, younger in appearance, had a countenance much less agreeable ; his dress differed from that of the other members of the family, which was coarse, home-made...
Página 65 - Ah, mister, I guess I read your mind. You can't in your conscience deny us our superiority, and you are too much of an Englishman to like to confess it. Hey, Mr. Gordon ? I have hit the right nail on the head, I expect?" " It may be so, and therefore you will kindly excuse my answering more fully." " Surely, sir, surely ; we ask no more of no man, let him come from what country he will, than just to own that we are first and foremost ; and after that we grant him freedom to keep the rest of his thoughts...
Página 56 - Put on the kettle, Benjamin Franklin; fetch down the maple sugar from the shelf, Sally ; bring over all the mugs, Monroe, my man. Pray make yourselves at home, gentlemen." " Sit here, sir," said the squire to Mr. Gordon; and "sit there, sir," said his brother to Mr. Hicks. Lord Darcy, in obedience to the commands of Caroline, had already placed himself on a bench at the side of the fire, opposite the place she occupied. " Here's a snug place for you, sir...

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