Grampas Are for All Seasons

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It's all about the heart, the heart of God and the heart of man. When God saw Adam and Eve choosing a lonely downhill slide into sin and separation from a personal relationship with Him, affecting every human being from that time on, His heart responded as only a Father's could. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to restore every broken relationship by a heart to heart encounter. On a bloodied Cross on a rocky crag in a distant land, Jesus died to show the love of His Father. He rose from the dead to enable everyone who believed in Him, who embraced Him in the heart, to be restored to that love of His Father. By embracing Jesus Christ in the heart through faith, God's heart and man's heart are again one. The offering of that embrace is incredibly documented in one of the most stirring passages ever spoken and written, The Sermon on the Mount.

This book covers chapters 5-7 of the Gospel of Matthew beginning with the Beatitudes and Jesus' own commentary that follows them. It is ideally suited for small group Bible Study, home study group series, Sunday School classes, preaching idea and personal devotional study.

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