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ADVERTISEMENTS intended for insertion in this Magazt should be forwarded to the Office, 265, Strand, W.C., or to M C. H. MAY, 78, Gracechurch Street, London, E.C., appointed Age

The object of the Proprietors of the MARK LANE EXPRESS sight of that noble principle which the great Lord Leiceste has ever been, to render it in every way the most efficient organ successfully followed; viz., that liberal conduct towaru of the Agricultural Class, to direct and diffuse practical and Tenant will ever be found to be the most beneficial 3 scientific information of all kinds relating to rural affairs, to be Landlord. a medium for giving circulation to the Proceedings of the Royal THE MALT TAX.This is the only Farmer's Paper in Agricultural Society of England, he Highland and Agricultural which advocates the REPEAL OP THE MALT TAX. Society of Scotland, the Royal Agricu tural Improvement Society In authenticity and extent of Market information, the M of Ireland, and of every Agricultural Society and Farmers' Club LANE EXPRESS stands unrivalled. A REVIEW OF THE CO in the Kingdom. All political and party discussions are care TRADE (British and Foreign) fully explains the Causes fully avoided, except such as are purely Agricultural, since its occasion the Rise or Fall in Prices, thus affording the re establishment, twenty-sixyears since, this course has been steadily and Speculator some grounds for anticipating the stabili adhered to, and the result has been, the accession of a numerous future tendency of Prices. and rapidly-increasing list of Subscribers, comprising the most The Latest Reports of the Corn, Cattle, Provision, Wool. influential Agriculturists Inthe kingdom.

Hop, Malt, and Commercial Markets, appear with the les In times when the position of the Tenant Farmers has been one Country Fairs and Agricultural Meetinge. Authentic W of great difficulty, the MARK LANE EXPRESS has ever been Advices are received from all the Important Markets in the directed to the advocacy and support of THE RIGHTS OF THXdom, our Colonial Possessions, as well as all parts of Europe TENANT FARMERS. In stating this, it is not intended to lose America.

ROGERSON & TUXFORD, 265, STRAND, LONDON. May be had of all Booksellers and New men throughout the Kingdom, price Sevenpence, or £1 10s. 4d. per annum.



Now ready, the SECOND EDITION of this beautiful work, in large 8vo., price One Guinea, WITH THIRTEEN HIGHLY-FINISHED ENGRAVINGS ON STEEL, AND SEVERAL WOOD THE WILD F O W L E *

A Treatise in Aurient and Modern Wild-famling,

HISTORICAL AND PRACTICAL Curious modes of capturing wild fowl by Decoy and with Flight-nets, &c.; Shooting-yachts; Punti daylight and moonlight; Wildfowl Shooting in all its branches; also Woodcock, Snipe, and Plover Shoot with modes of taking them alive; various modes of Fowling as practised in foreign countries, &c., &c.

London: Longman, Green, & Co., Paternoster Row

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