the history of pittsfield (herkshire county), massachusetts, from the year 1734 to the year 1800


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Página 171 - That I will bear faith and true allegiance to His Majesty King George and him will defend to the utmost of my power against all traitorous conspiracies and attempts whatsoever which shall be made against his person crown or dignity. And I will do my utmost endeavour to disclose and make known to his Majesty...
Página 2 - Whatever strengthens our local attachments is favorable both to individual and national character. Our home, our birthplace, our native land, — think for a while what the virtues are which arise out of the feelings connected with these words ; and, if thou hast any intellectual eyes, thou wilt then perceive the connection between topography and patriotism.
Página 331 - New Hampshire to call a full and free representation of the people, and that the representatives, if they think it necessary, establish such a form of government as, in their judgment, will best produce the happiness of the people, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the province, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the colonies.
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Página 307 - This is a pretty just account Of Burgoyne's legions' whole amount, Who came across the northern Lakes To desolate our happy States. Their brass cannons we have got all — Fifty-six — both great and small ; And ten thousand stand of arms, To prevent all future...
Página 326 - ... explicit advice respecting the taking up and exercising the powers of civil government, and declaring their readiness to submit to such a general plan as the Congress...
Página 56 - Stirling) and all the lands and rivers from the west side of the Connecticut to the east side of Delaware Bay to his brother, the Duke of York.
Página 203 - Gazette, to the end that all such foes to the rights of British America may be publicly known, and universally contemned as the enemies of American liberty ; and thenceforth we respectively will break off" all dealings with him or her.
Página 64 - River, have demised, granted and to farm-letten (sic) and by these presents do farm-let unto John Stoddard of Northampton, in the County of Hampshire and Province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Esq., all that tract and parcel of land, of six miles square, lying and being in the county of Hampshire and Province of Massachusetts Bay aforesaid, on the main or principal branch of Houseatunnick River, so called, about sixteen miles northward of the place where Cuncupot now dwells, and at the place...

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