The Structure and Habits of Spiders

S. E. Cassino, 1878 - 118 páginas

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Página 2 - KEY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary, inclusive of Greenland. Second edition, revised to date, and entirely rewritten : with which are incorporated General Ornithology...
Página 6 - Guide to the Study Of Insects, and a Treatise on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops.
Página 3 - BIRDS of the Northwest. A Hand-Book of American Ornithology, containing Accounts of all the Birds Inhabiting the Great Missouri Valley, and many others : together representing a large majority of the Birds of North America, with copious Biographical details from personal observation, and an extensive Synonomy. By ELLIOTT COUES, MD 8vo. 791 pages^ Cloth, $4.50. ROUES, Field Ornithology.
Página 5 - MINOT'S Birds of New England. LandBirds and Game-Birds of New England, with Descriptions of Birds, their Nests and Eggs, their Habits and Mates. By HD MINOT. Illustrated by outline cuts. 456 pages. 8vo. ClotH, $3.00. " The present treatise puts Mr. Minot foremost among the ' local1 writers on Ornithology in this country, and fairly in line with the fewer ornithologists, whose works are citable as authoritative on the general subject.
Página 6 - Moths published In America, and is the most complete monograph which has yet appeared, every species is figured, and when they are known, the larva and pupa. In addition to these there are nearly 200 anatomical drawings, illustrating the venation, development, etc. This work should be in the hands of every Entomologist. "PACKARD'S Guide to the Study of Insects.
Página 5 - Minot's book will be beyond him, and need not hesitate to trust it implicitly; while the advanced scholar or worker will find a store of information nowhere more conveniently accessible. This is a work, which, in short, we can confidently recommend to our readers as one with which they cannot fail to be pleased. It probably gives more for the money than any one now before the public.
Página 1 - ... ornithological illustrations of the Reports of the Pacific Railroad and United States and Mexican Boundary Surveys, and are distributed throughout the numerous volumes composing those series. All have, however, been carefully retouched and lettered for this edition and quite a number redrawn entirely from better and more characteristic specimens. In fact the plates have been prepared expressly for the present edition, with the utmost care, and embrace one hundred species of birds not figured...
Página 6 - NATURAL HISTORY AND SCIENCE. HALF-HOURS WITH INSECTS, A Popular Account of their Habits, Modes of Life, &c.; which are beneficial, and which are injurious to vegetation. By AS PACKARD, JR., of the Peabody Academy of Science, The subjects treated of are: Insects of the Garden; Relations of Insects to Man; Insects of the Plant-House; Edible Insects; Insects of the Pond and Stream; the Population of an AppleTree; Insects of the Field ; Insects of the Forest; Insects as Mimics; Insects as Architects...
Página 4 - Traveller. MAMMOTH Cave and its Inhabitants. The Mammoth Cave and its Inhabitants, or Descriptions of the Fishes, Insects, and Crustaceans found in the Cave, with figures of the various species, and an account of allied forms, comprising notes upon their Structure, Development and Habits.
Página 2 - Key,' it is in reality much more than the title indicates. The typographical execution of the work is in every way worthy of it, and the cuts are very clear and instructive.

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