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my boy!—for it's just the place for a The first is termed building a cutfellow to laugh and grow fat in. I've ter, and is merely a dramatic squib, seen a good deal now of the world, both concluded in the usual way at the exeast and west, and every point of the pence of some simple good-natured compass, my boy; and the devil fetch landsman, ignorant of the, were it in my power, but I'd pitch “ Come, shipmates,” cries a known my tent in snug little Ireland before hand, “ let's have a game at building e'er a corner in it at all at all-ay, the cutter;" when, as soon as a party faith, and so would I now.”

is formed, the three principal characThe bell now struck six, when the ters, of the Gentleman, the Carpenter, pipe of All hands to dance, ahoy! hur- and his man Jack, are generally conried all the young men on deck in ex- trived to be thrown into the hands of cellent trim for frolic and fun of any three of the stoutest and most active description, leaving all the more grave seamen engaged. The game now comand aged below, happy in each other's mences with a conversation between conversation. Parties were speedily the Gentleman and the Carpenter; formed, and Hunt the slipper, and see and as a good deal of humour, as well veral other games of a similar nature, as of satire, is often thrown into it, it were immediately commenced. Other is sometimes carried on for a considera parties amused themselves with dan- able time with both wit and spirit. cing on the forecastle, to the beat of This, however, we do not pretend to the drum and the sound of the fife; aim at; merely wishing to sketch out and the grotesque manners of the huge a bare outline, by way of giving our hulks of fellows who personated the readers an idea of the game. fair sex made every side ache with Enter a Gentleman and Carpenter. laughter. The scene was new to our Gent. Good-morrow, Master Chips. hero, who enjoyed it very highly; I wants to purchase a neat, airy, smartalthough he could hardly avoid re- sailing cutter, finely painted, and marking, that all the sports and dances handsomely rigged ;-in the newest were of the rudest description, and fashion, of course, you know. were more like the prefatory lessons Carp. Nothing gives me greater for initiating men into the mystery of pleasure than to serve your honour. bearing hard blows and heavy falls I have several cutters on hand at prewith good humour, than the pastimes sent, but not one, I believe, of your of reasonable and rational beings.: description. However, you know, we for as all the frolics, of whatever na- can build you one in a very short time, ture they were, commonly ended in a and probably that will do, sir ? mock squabble, where the whole party Gent. Well enough, Master Chips, engaged mutually gave one another a provided you begin it directly. hearty drubbing with their knotted Carp. You may depend upon me, kerchiefs, taken from their necks sir. It will be sent home to you the for that purpose, in one or two in- moment it is finished. stances it actually occurred, that where Gent. Very well, Master Chips; I the parties thought themselves rather shall expect it.

(Exit. severely handled, it verged pretty Carp. I say, John;-d'ye hear there, nearly to a serious conclusion, and se- Jack?' Where the devil's that foreman veral heavy blows were interchanged of mine ? You, Jack, hilloah ! with every apparent good will. This, Jack. Here I come, your honour. however, was seemingly against all Carp. Come this way, you swab; rule ; for, wherever it was like to d-n me if ever you're to be found happen, the others, by dint of ridicule when you are most wanted. We must and laughter, soon put their anger to set about building a trim spanking fight, and speedily restored good hu- cutter for Mr Broombottom directly

Come, bring me my tools, and go you and Although the subject may appear seek out a proper piece of stuff for a somewhat trivial, yet will we venture good keel to her. I don't care whether a description of two of these sports, it belongs to England, Ireland, or which we believe not to belong to the Scotland, so that it's good. Come, look class more generally known, and both sharp and thief-like, you scoundrel. of which, we can assure our readers, (Here John, after a seeming exaplease a vast deal better in the per- mination, singles out the selected informance than they can ever be ex- dividual from among the byestanders, pected to do from a brief description. and brings him forward, saying :)



Master, to my mind, here is an ex- piece of amusement, the performers cellent piece of stuff for the cutter's may be four, three, or two in number. keel.

At the time that our hero beheld it, Carp. So it is, my lad. To what it was done by three :-Captains St country does this stuff belong? George, St Andrew, and Morgan the

Jack. It is true native Irish, your Bold Buccaneer,-the two former of honour ; reared and grown in Lord whom were Shields colliers, and the Buntlin's plantations at sweet Mullin- latter a fearless Irishman. They were ġar. The very same you bought from three athletic, well-made young men, that land-lubber, Dennis M'Carthy. rather below the middle size; and such

Carp. Ay, very good, John. Now was their known celebrity in this perbear á hand, and assist me to lay it formance, that no sooner was the game down properly.

publicly announced than every other (Here the two laid a smart, smiling was immediately suspended, and young Irish lad flat on his back, with his legs and old, officers, cooks, and scullions, and arms well stretched out.)

hurried on deck to witness an exhibiCarp. Now, Jack, hand me the ribs tion at that time universally popular. and trucks, to keep the keel steady. The candidates for applause soon Smart, now; there's a good lad. divested themselves of their hats,

(Here four more stout fellows were kerchiefs, jackets, and shoes; and habrought forward, all aware of the bu- ving braced themselves tightly up for siness, who were each firmly seated at exertion, and taken their stations, the poor Patrick's arms and legs.)

performance began on the forecastle The most difficult part of the game by Captains St George and St Andrew was now accomplished, the victim of chaunting the following humblerhyme, sport being now secured. A goodly- to, however, a very sweet and lively lengthened, and tolerably-spirited, air : conversation was next commenced be

Our countries on the ocean stand, tween John and his master, respecting the most approved modes of rigging Who dares dispute when we command,

We're merren bold upon the main ; the cutter's masts, cutting her sails, He never shall dispute again. &c.; a part of the drama we have no intention to detail

, and which is gene- For thus we resolve, and thus we decree, rally lengthened or curtailed accord- No rival shall ever appear on the sea, ing to the abilities of the speakers, Whose watch-word is Death, boys, or Vic

Before he first fights us, so bold and so free, and the applause which they meet with.

tory ! We rather hasten to say, that the cut

Hurra, hurra, hurra! ter being at last pronounced to be com

Glory or Death, boys, or Victory! plete, and a great deal of mischievous bustle gone through in clearing her a “ Well, brother,” cried St George, passage to the water, the carpenter “how do your bearings stand ?" suddenly cried, Launch, there, launch! By observation yesterday, Porto when instantly, to the astonishment of Rico, E.N.E., 20 leagues.” numbers, and the joy of the whole, “ Have you seen any thing lately?" about a dozen of buckets of water, “ Yes, brother, I saw a sail last which had been carefully prepared du- night, and gave chuse—but I've lost ring the passing conversation, were her.” discharged smack in the face of the “ What did she look like?". unfortunate prostrate Irishman, and

“ She loomed like a square-rigged were followed by others in such rapid vessel ? succession, that he was nearly suffoca- “ The same I saw myself. Keep ted, and completely drenched, before you as close to the wind as you can he could fight himself clear of his tor- hug, and I'll go large ; for I'm almost mentors, while all around him were certain we're in the track of the object convulsed with laughter.

of our wishes, the Braggadocia privaThe other game we have selected is teer. We have only to capture her, named The British and the Bold Buc- and then home to old England as if caneer ; and is one which exclusively the devil kicked us! I think we had belongs to the most active and alert better part company, and make sail, seamen in the navy. According to the brother.” number on board inclined or capable Ay,'ay,- the sooner the better." of taking a part in this very hazardous Both now cleared the forecastle at


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a single leap; and both taking a side again, nor would be halt for a moment of the deck, advanced slowly aft, until he reached the top-gallant yard's with many curvettings and specimens arm. Here, making fast a rope's end of agility, until St George espied the he had brought from the top, he would Bold Buccaneer sitting carelessly whis- coolly await their arrival on the crosstling at the very extremity of the gaff trees, and then, when his firey-faced boom. He instantly hailed him with pursuers had almost inade sure of him, “ What ship there, ho !"

would the daring fellow spring to the Ay, ay,” replied he," that's the yard's-arm at a bound, and slipping very ship, dear, to be sure.”

down his rope with astonishing rapi“Confound the rascal !" continued dity, would either stand the next moSt George. “D'ye hear, there, fellow, ment on the top-sail yard's arm, or, what ship is that?"

seizing hold of a stay, continue his run “For sartin, honey, it's the very to the deck, leaving his disappointed ship.”

and breathless pursuers looking after you don't answer me directly, him from the top-mast head. Thus I'll fire into you,” cried St George. they continued, with the most admi

“ If you do this time, my darling, rable exertion, until the Buccaneer it's more than the son of your mother had brought them to the deck three ever did before, joy."

several times, when, unfortunately, in “ Is not that the Braggadocia pri- a rapid descent on the main-top-gallant vateer ?”

stay into the fore-top, he wounded his Mayhap she is Braggadocia enough foot on a marlin-spike. Still, however, to take every'devil's inch of consate out he scorned to give in, though his speed of you, however.-Oh! by St Patrick! was greatly retarded by his wound, so there's two of you, is there? Then, which bled pretty profusely. At length, by the lovely maid of Killarney, it is after uncommon exertion, he was laid full time I was after shaking my own · hold of by St George, in the act of beautiful trotters, sure now. [Rises, making fast a slip-rope to the foreand moves slowly up the rigging:] yard's arm; and a struggle ensued

Hilloah ! you ship there,” bawled which baffles all description ; the St George after him.

Buccaneer endeavouring to shake him “ What want you now, gragh ?" off, and either escape by the lift, or was the answer.

else make a spring to the stays, and Won't you tell us your ship's St George keeping him stoutly and name?” cried St George.

firmly pinned to the yard's arm. This “No, troth now, that I won't.—I'll was the more increased by St Andrew, be after telling the flying Braggadocia’s who came dash in between them, by name to ne'er a spalpeen like you.- slipping down the lift of the yard. I'm away, for I like none of your com- The Buccaneer finding it now impospany, my darling."

sible to escape from their clutches, “ Make sail, brother, and give made a sudden spring from St Anchace,” cried St George to his compa- drew, and overboard he went headnion, and both instantly sprung to the long. Hazardous as the matter now boom.

appeared, St Andrew hesitated not a A trial of the most dexterous agility moment, but dropped from the yard and presence of mind now ensued. after him, and was gallantly followed They ran up the rigging, and slid by St George ; and here a sort of fight down the stays, even from the very now ensued far more painful than pleamast heads, with the rapidity of ar- sant. All three were excellent swimrows, and leaped from one yard to an- mers, but completely exhausted ; and other, by means of slip-ropes, with the tide happening to ebb at the time, the confidence and agility of the mon- the current

of the Medway proved too key tribe, amidst the reiterated shouts strong for them, and carried them all and plaudits of the whole ship’s com- so rapidly a-stern, that a boat was inpany. They continued this fatiguing stantįy dispatched to pick them up,and perilous exercise a great length thus ending a most finished display of of time; for though the two Saints agility and courage, with no other inmoved swiftly and fearlessly on, the jury to the parties than a little extra Bold Buccaneer, well worthy his name, fatigue, and a good ducking. For this, scorning to yield, po sooner led them however, they seemed to be amply down to the deck, than off he flew compensated, on coming on board, by the cheering plaudits they received below; when the pee-wheep-chickfrom the whole ship's company,--the chick sound of the boatswain's pipe officers giving them divers drams to hurried young and old once more on qualify the salt water they had been deck for their hammocks, and a few compelled to swallow, and their com moments saw the Tottumfog's sides, panions bustling in changing their wet fore and aft, studded with human clothes for others more congenial to heads arrayed in all the varied coscomfort ; every one evincing, by these tumes of the world. When all were little acts of care and kindness, the assembled, the word, “ Pipe down !!high satisfaction to which their distin- was given; the boatswain's pipe gave guished abilities had given rise; and its sanction by a screaming trill; the for no better meed than which, howa hammocks flew out of the nettings as if ever we may deny it, men are some- by magic,and were as hastily shouldered times spurred on to greater feats than by their owners, who, in their haste even the figuring away in the break. to reach their respective

births below, neck sport of The British and the Bold displayed an apathy of feeling and an Buccaneer.

equanimity of temper highly exem, It was now a delightful summer plary. We have not the least doubt, evening. The noisy clang of the Dock- but it would have excited both the yard had ceased ;-the lighters and wonder and laughter of our readers, shore-boats, with their commodities, to have seen young and old coming Jewish and Christian, and a few un- literally rolling down the hatch-ladsaleable British beauties, were hurry- ders along with their hammocks; and ing towards the liarbour ;--the sun we have still less, that it would have had given to the windows of Blue made many of them stand somewhat Town the appearance of a splendid aghast, to have heard the strange medillumination, -had tinged the curling ley of reiterated shouts of, Ştand from tops of the gently-rising waves, and under! Scaldings below there ! and the neighbouring richly wooded shores, Murder! with all the usual accompawith a golden hue, and plainly an- niments of mock screaming, peals of nounced to the most casual inquirer, in laughter, and direful imprecations, all the dignity of beauty and express- which commonly attend this hurried ive silence, that labour must cease, piece of business. All this, however, for the day was at a close. The top- and a great deal more, passes quite unmen were aloft, and the marines and heeded, when once people are a little signal-men were at their posts. accustomed to it; for all this is but Every eye on deck was now steadily merely a noise, which a few minutes fixed either on the Admiral's ship, or puts an end to. The various parties on the sun; which no sooner sank speedily return to the deck to roll up beneath the horizon, than the words their respective hammock cloths to Fire and Sweigh away! were given, the preserve them from the weather; and, muskets were fired, the top-gallant like all other services in the navy, eveyards were tripped and hurried with ry thing is forgotten as soon as the bus. Blue Peter to the deck, the ensign was

tle is over.

In a very short time, a hauled down at the same instant, and large portion of the people returned to the ceremonial of sun-set was conclu- their sports with redoubled spirits, as ded by the drummer, who beat the cheerful and good-humoured as ever, tattoo tą the well-known air of “Go laughing heartily at the cuts and to Berwick Johnny.”

thrusts they had both taken and giA short interval of order and quiet- ven ;-while not a few there were, and ness had now happily succeeded the among the rest our hero, who wisely most boisterous mirth and uproar. noting the probable fatigue of the folThe fife, the fiddle, and the drum, lowing day, stole away to their ham. with most of their admirers, had gone mocks, and were soon asleep.

Then stick to't, my hearts, and be jolly, boys,

At the mercy of Fortune we go;
We're in for't

then dn me, what folly, boys,

To be down-hearted, you know ! : The first thing that saluted the ears hollow boom of the Admiral's gun, of our hero in the morning, was the which was almost immediately follow

ed by the boatswain's piping, All hands, for we're all waiting you, and the day a-hoy!-then Belay, belay! and final- wears apace.”

Ay, ay, sir,” cried ly, Ŭp all hammocks, hoy ! --This com- the Master; “ I'll sing out the momand, as usual, opened the throats of ment I'm ready."

"Look about you all the midshipmen and other petty smartly then,” replied the Lieutenant, officers, who, severally running about smiling, “ for I care not how soon you the decks, exerted the strength of begin your song.”—Then, coming aft their lungs in bawling, in the roughest to the capstan, he said, “Now, my voice they could assume, D'ye hear lads, I expect to see you walk away there, sleepers ! up all hammocks ! with her with life and spirit. Not in Rouse up, men, rouse up! Turn out the dead-and-alive way, mind me, you there, turn out! Out or down, lads, have been lately accustomed to see on outor down!-A-hoy, you fellow there, board of a guard ship, but smart and no rigging on deck come, jump! or bravely, like the station you belong to. down you come! Hilloah, matey! who come, serjeant, where's the fiferhave we got here?--Oh! a sick man Oh, ay, I see the fellow. Come this is it? Come this way a parcel of you, way, my lad; stick your body up and remove this man of straw into there, on the back of that carronade, midships out of the way. D-d lousy and let's have something lively from behaviour, indeed, to get sick now you.” -“ All ready in the tier, sir," we're going to sea-shamming Abra- bawled the Master." Very well.” ham, I believe. Lash up there, lash said the Lieutenant;"look out there, up!-Move your fingers there, Master forward !-Go round-play up fifer," Whatd’yecallum, alittle smarter, if you and away they marched to the favouplease ! Bear a hand, my lads, on deck rite air of the fleet, Shove her up! amid with your hammocks, and get them the cries of, “ Well behaved, my lads, stowed.-Come, cheerily, my hearties,

- that's it, stick to her,-keep it up, quick, quick!" These vociferations, fifer !-Surge, there, surge ! - Pay accompanied now and then with a down, my hearties, pay down !-Are shake of not the most gentle descrip- you all asleep in the tier there ? tion, had an excellent effect in putting Cheerily, my hearts, and away she the drowsy god to flight, and enforcing goes ! - In the tier there, light out the a prompt obedience to the order ; so small bower, will you?” &c. &c., until that a very few minutes saw the lower the anchor was right under, which, deck cleared, and the hammocks all after a few cheering and desperate ralsafe in the nettings.

lies, gave way, and was speedily at the This piece of intelligence was no bows. While a few of the forecastle sooner reported on deck, than the men were employed in lashing and seboatswain made the air ring again curing the best bower for sea, the capwith, All hands unmoor ship, hoy! an stan was rapidly bringing in the loose order which was received with a shout cable of the small bower, so that in a of applause.- "Up there, gunners ! very short time it was also right under down there, tierers ! Pass round the foot. The first Lieutenant now busied messenger, my lads ! Carpenters, ship himself in sending aloft the top galyour bars !-Stopper the best bower lant yards, reeving the royal and forward, there !-Man the capstan !” other fanciful rigging, then hoisted were now the orders of the first Lieu, Blue Peter and fired a gun as before. tenant, re-echoed lustily by the before- The capstan bars having by this time mentioned gentlemen, with voices of been unshipped, and the messenger all the variations of the gamut, from tockled up, he now ordered the decks the squeaking counter-tenor, to the to be cleared, and the captains of the deep-toned harshest bass.

you tops to examine and see that all their stoppered there, forward ?" demanded running rigging was in a state fit for the first Lieutenant." All ready, working, all which being duly performsir," replied the boatswain." Unbit ed, he ordered the signal-man to keep the cable, then." “Ay, ay sir," was a sharp eye on the harbour for the the

“ In the tier there?"- Captain, and the breakfast to be piped. « Sir.”

-,-" Are you all ready, below All hands were busied in regaling there?”—“In a moment, sir," replied themselves with their skillogulee,ma the Master, from the main hatchway, vileimitation of our Scottish porridge “ we're clearing away as fast as we when the boatswain's pipe announced can."-"Bear a hand then, Stow-well; the arrival of Captain Switchem; who,



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