Entomological News, and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Volumen1

Entomological Rooms of the Academy of Natural Sciences, 1890

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Página 167 - Mr. Webster spoke of the predaceous habits of Cermatia and its preying upon the croton bug. Mr. Fletcher had observed the insect with Mr. Howard, at Washington. Its mode of capturing the croton bug before devouring it was remarkable. It sprang over its prey which was thus encaged between many curved legs. He thought that Mr. Hargitt's success in keeping alive the specimens he had confined in a tin canister was more due to the moisture thus secured than the darkness. He understood that this insect...
Página 86 - Guide to the Study Of Insects, and a Treatise on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops.
Página 132 - AMERICAN SPIDERS AND THEIR SPINNING WORK. A natural history of the Orbweaving Spiders of the United States, with special regard to their Industry and Habits. By Henry C.
Página 75 - The said Glanvil Fritillary affords a curious instance of the dangers to which good, honest, and sane butterfly collectors were exposed in those days; for our author tells us, that " this fly took its name from the ingenious Lady Glanvil, whose memory had like to have suffered for her curiosity. Some relations that were disappointed by her will attempted to set it aside by acts of lunacy, for they suggested that none but those who were deprived of their senses would go in pursuit of butterflies ;...
Página 147 - Illustrations of the Carboniferous Arachnida of North America, of the orders Anthracomarti and Pedipalpi.
Página 145 - November 11 to 15 proximo, at the same time as the meeting of the Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations. The Committee on Entomology of the latter Association will meet at the same time Members expecting to attend will confer a favor upon the officers if they will announce the fact, and -will send titles of papers to be read or topics they desire discussed, to the secretary. All are earnestly urged to be present, if possible. JOHN B. SMITH, Secretary, Xew Jiruugic'uk, XJ THE...
Página 163 - Notes on the species of the families Lycidae and Lampyridae contained in the Imperial Museum of Calcutta, with descriptions of new species, and a list of the species at present described from India,
Página 151 - Indiana, been deposited near the roots, the flaxseeds being found in that portion of the plant, while in the northern part of the State the case had evidently been different, as the flaxseeds were there almost invariably located several inches up the stem, near the second joint. A paper on the subject of American silk spinners by Mr. Edward L. Graef was read by the Secretary, of which the following is an abstract. Refers to the periodical, phenomenal increase of some species of insects and their...
Página 21 - A generic name is to be changed which has previously been used for some other genus in the same kingdom ; a specific or subspecific name is to be changed when it has been applied to some other species of the same genus, or used previously in combination with the same generic name.

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