The Head of the Family: A Novel, Volumen1

Tauchnitz, 1858 - 326 páginas

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Página 160 - least, so thought Ninian and Hope, the only two who watched him closely. When he reached the verse — "And a gentle consort made he, And her gentle mind was such, That she grew a noble lady, And the people loved her much,
Página 22 - of Ruth the beautiful, And still I thought of thee. "Long were the prayers he uttered. But they seemed not so to me; For in my heart I prayed with him, And still I prayed for thee.
Página 38 - Would I had never trod this English earth. Nor felt the flatteries that do grow upon it! Ye have angels' faces, but Heaven knows your hearts —
Página 13 - children," though not in an overbearing tone, with a sort- of loving eldership — "there are a few things I want to talk to you about, or rather for us all to talk over together. Shall we do so now, or defer it until another time?
Página 85 - Of sorrow dwells; then, arbiter, oh! pause. Ere yet thy final judgment thou assign, And learn my better right, too clearly proved; Four words comprise it — / was never loved! The palm of grief, thou wilt allow, is mine,' " Chamisso knew humanity. There can be no grief like that grief! Possibly,
Página 121 - out of the room, and was not seen for hours. Women, and especially young women, either believe falsely or judge harshly of men, in one thing. You, young loving creature, who dream of your lover by night and by day — you fancy that he does the same of you?
Página 198 - have ceased to hope or even wish it so; but no one can ever be to me in thy stead, and at any time I would give my life to pour out blessings upon thee and thine." "With this sort of feeling, strangely intense though calm, Ninian went to see Mrs.
Página 206 - Work — work — work! It is the iron ploughshare that goes over the field of the heart, rooting up all the pretty grasses, and the beautiful, hurtful weeds, that we have taken such pleasure in growing, laying them all under, fair and foul together — making plain, dulllooking
Página 169 - says, she is so fond of you, and makes such a fuss over you." Ninian turned his face to the Loch, over which the morning sun glittered and flashed. But it was not that which blinded him, and made him feel as if everything were reeling to and fro. Only for a moment; — the next he
Página 122 - the self you know — would strike you with pain. Or else, his inner and diviner self, higher than you can dream of, would turn coldly from your insignificant love. Yet all this must be: you have no right to murmur.