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The feature of this series of Books is to encourage in childhood a spirit of love, gentleness, and cheerfulness, while affording amusement and interest.

Elegantly bound, cloth gilt, price is. each. 1. The Original Poems for Children, By ANN and JANE

TAYLOR. Illustrated. 2. The Basket of Flowers. Illustrated. 3. Ellen's Idol. By E. S. PHELPS, Author of “The Gates Ajar."

With Frontispiece. 5. Sermons on the Wall. By JOHN TILLOTSON. Illustrated. 6. Goldy and Goldy's Friends. By MARY DENSEL. Illustrated. 7. The One Thing Needful ; or, Ethel's Pearls. Illustrated. 12. The Orphan Boy; or, From Peasant to Prince. Illustrated. 13. Tom, Tom, the Printer's Son: A Boy's Story. Illustrated. 14. Only a Dandelion. By the Author of " Stepping Heavenward." 15. Follow. Me. By the Same. Illustrated. 16. New Year's Bargain. By SUSAN COOLIDGE. Illustrated. 17. In the Beginning; or, From Eden to Canaan. Illustrated. 18. Conquerors and Captives; or, From David to Daniel. Ditto. 19. The Star of Promise; or, From Bethlehem to Calvary. Ditto. 20. The History of the Robins. Illustrated. 21. Hymns for Infant Minds. By ANN and JANE TAYLOR.

Illustrated. 22. Rhymes for the Nursery. By ANN and JANE TAYLOR.

Illustrated. 23. Little Susy's Six Birthdays. By the Author of “Stepping

Hcavenward." With many Engravings. 24. Little Susy's Little Servants. By the Author of "Stepping

Heavenward." With Coloured Frontispiece and many Engravings. 25. Little Susy's Six Teachers. By the Author of "Stepping

Heavenward." With Colour i Frontispiece and many Engravings. 26. On'y a Penny; or, One of the Least of These. By the Author

of “A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam.” With many Illustrations. 27. The Contented Home. By the Author of “The Basket of

Flowers." 28. Help One Another; or, The Way to be Happy. Illustrated. 29. Buried in the Snow: A Tale of the Mountains. Illustrated. 30. The Lost Child; or, A Mother's Love. Illustrated. 31. Summer House Stories. By Miss M. A. PAULL. Illustrated. 32. The Child's Own Book of Poetry. Profusely Illustrated.

London: WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Square, E.C.

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