The Lady of the Lake

Ginn & Company, 1893

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Página 151 - Returned the Chief his haughty stare, His back against a rock he bore, And firmly placed his foot before: — "Come one, come all! this rock shall fly From its firm base as soon as I.
Página 155 - heaven, I change My thought, and hold thy valor light 355 As that of some vain carpet knight, Who ill deserved my courteous care, And whose best boast is but to wear A braid of his fair lady's hair." " I thank thee, Roderick, for the word! 360 It nerves my heart, it steels my sword;
Página 192 - To hero bound for battle-strife, Or bard of martial lay, 'Twere worth ten years of peaceful life, One glance at their array ! XVI. " Their light-armed archers far and near 400 Surveyed the tangled ground, Their centre ranks, with pike and spear, A twilight forest frowned, Their barded horsemen in the rear The stern battalia crowned.
Página 194 - waving high, And broadswords flashing to the sky, Are maddening in the rear. Onward they drive in dreadful race, Pursuers and pursued; 440 Before that tide of flight and chase, How shall it keep its rooted place, The spearmen's twilight wood ? — 'Down, down,' cried Mar, 'your lances down I Bear back both friend and foe
Página 147 - Where dwell we now? See, rudely swell Crag over crag, and fell o'er fell. Ask we this savage hill we tread For fattened steer or household bread, Ask we for flocks these shingles dry, 150 And well the mountain might reply, — ' To you, as to your sires of yore, Belong the target and claymore!
Página 154 - — " No, stranger, none ! And hear, — to fire thy flagging zeal, — The Saxon cause rests on thy steel; For thus spoke Fate by prophet bred Between the living and the dead: 330 'Who spills the foremost foeman's life, His party conquers in the strife.'" " Then, by my word,
Página 55 - Ours is no sapling, chance-sown by the fountain, Blooming at Beltane, in winter to fade; 410 When the whirlwind has stripped every leaf on the mountain, The more shall Clan Alpine exult in her shade. Moored in the rifted rock, Proof to the tempest's shock, Firmer he roots him the ruder it blow;
Página 5 - Sprung from his heathery couch in haste. But ere his fleet career he took, The dew-drops from his flanks he shook; Like crested leader proud and high Tossed his beamed frontlet to the sky ; 45 A moment gazed adown the dale, A moment snuffed the tainted gale, A moment listened to the cry, That thickened as the chase drew nigh;
Página 147 - mountain high, I marked thee send delighted eye Far to the south and east, where lay, Extended in succession gay, Deep waving fields and pastures green, 140 With gentle slopes and groves between: — These fertile plains, that softened vale, Were once the birthright of the Gael, The stranger came with iron hand, And from our fathers reft the land.
Página 75 - on her breast 25 Were neither broken nor at rest; In bright uncertainty they lie, Like future joys to Fancy's eye. The water-lily to the light Her chalice reared of silver bright; 30 The doe awoke, and to the lawn, Begemmed with dew-drops, led her fawn; The gray mist left the mountain-side, The torrent showed its glistening pride;

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