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this alone is sufficient to account for our feebleness and faintness of spirit. We are continually grieving the Holy Spirit of God by the habitual neglect of a plain duty. Let us amend from this hour.

1 143. In order to guard against Sabo bath-breaking, evil speaking, unprofitable conversation, lightness, expensiveness or gayety of apparel, and contracting debts without due care to discharge them,-1. Let us preach expressly on each of these heads. 2. Read in every Society the sermon on evil-speaking. 3. Let the Leaders closely examine and exhort every person to put away the accursed thing. 4. Let the Preachers warn every Society that none who is guilty herein can remain with us. 5. Extirpate out of our Church buying or selling goods which have not paid the duty laid upon them by government. Let none remain with us who will not totally ab. stain from this evil in every kind and degree. Extirpate bribery--receiving any thing, directly or indirectly-for voting at any election. Show no respect to persons herein, but expel all that touch the accursed thing. And strongly advise our people to discountenance all

treats given by candidates before or at elections, and not to be partakers, in

any respect, of such iniquitous practices.

Method of Receiving Traveling Preachers

on Trial.

1144. A Preacher is to be received on trial,-1. By the Annual Conference. 2. In the interval of the Conference by A Bishop or the Presiding Elder of the District, until the sitting of the Conference.

1145. But no one should be received unless he first procure a recommendation from the Quarterly Conference of his Circuit or Station. We may then, if he give us satisfaction, receive him on trial. But before any such candidate is received on trial, or into full connection, or is ordained Deacon or Elder, he shall give satisfactory evidence respecting his knowledge of those particular subjects whicu have been recommended to his consideration.

1146. When a Preacher's name is not printed in the Minutes, he must receive a written license from a Bishop or Presiding Elder; but while he is on trial, the Annual Conference alone has jurisdiction

over the question of his authority to preach: and his continuance on trial shali be equivalent to the renewal of his license to preach.

T 147. Observe! taking on trial is entirely different from admitting a prearu. er into full connection. One on trial may be either admitted or rejected without doing him any wrong: otherwise it would be no trial at all.

| 148. At each Annual Conference, those who are received on trial, or are admitted into full connection, shall be asked whether they are willing to devote themselves to the missionary work, and a list of the names of all those who are willing to do so shall be taken and reported to the Corresponding Secretaries of the Missionary Society; and all such shall be considered as ready and willing to be employed as missionaries whenever called for by either of the Bishops.

Manner of Receiving Traveling Preachers

into Full Connection. 1149. In receiving a Preacher at the Conference into full connection, after solemn fasting and prayer, every person pro

posed shall be asked, before the Conference, the following questions, (with any others which may be thought necessary,) namely:

1. Have you faith in Christ?
2. Are you going on to perfection?

3. Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life?

4. Are you groaning after it?

5. Are you resolved to devote yourself wholly to God and his work?

6. Do you know the rules of Society 7. Do you keep them ?

8. Do you constantly attend the sacrament?

9. Have you read the Form of Discipline?

10. Are you willing to conform to it?

11. Have you considered the rules of a Preacher, especially the first, tenth, and twelfth ?

12. Will you keep them for conscience' sake?

13. Are you determined to employ all your time in the work of God?

14. Will you endeavor not to speak too long or too loud ?

15. Will you diligently instruct the children in every place?

16. Will you visit from house to house?

17. Will you recommend fasting or ab. stinence, both by precept and example ?

18. Are you in debt ?

T 150. Then if he give us satisfaction, after he has been employed two succes. sive years in the regular itinerant work on Circuit, in Stations, or in our institutions of learning, which is to commence from his being received on trial at the Annual Conference, and being approved by the Annual Conference, and examined by the President of the Conference, he may be received into full connection.

T151. A Missionary employed on å Foreign Mission may be admitted into fall connection, if recommended by the Superintendent of the Mission where he labors, without being present at the Annual Conference for examination.

The Reception of Ministers from other Evan

gelical Churches. | 152. Ministers who may offer to unite with us from other Christian Churches shall be received in the following manner:

$ 1. If they come to us properly accredited from any branch of the Method

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