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5. To inquire concerning Exhorters :-
(1.) Who shall have their licenses

renewed ?
(2.) What work is assigned each Ex-

horter ? 6. Where shall the next District Cun.

ference be held ? . 7. Is there any other business ?

| 91. The order of business may be varied, and the business interspersed with such literary and religious exercises as the Conference may direct.

T 92. The provisions for District Conforences shall be of force and binding only in those Districts in which the Quarterly Conferences of a majority of the Circuits and Stations shall have approved the same by asking the Presiding Elder to

a District Conference, as herein provided. A District Conference may be discontinued by a vote of two thirds of the members present at any regular session, notice thereof having been given at a previous session, and with the concurrence of three fourths of the Quarterly Conferences in the District. In those Districts in which District Conferences shall be held, the powers given to the District Conferences shall


not be exercised by the Quarterly Conferences. In all other cases the powers of the Quarterly Conferences shall re. main as heretofore provided.

The Quarterly Conferences. T 93. The Quarterly Conferences shall be composed of all the Traveling and Local Preachers, Exhorters, Stewards, Class Leaders, and Trustees, of the Churches in the Circuits or Stations, and the first male Superintendents of our Sunday-schools, said Trustees and Superintendents being members of our Church, and approved by the Quarterly Conference.

T 94. The Presiding Elder shall preside in the Quarterly Conferences, and in his absence, the Preacher in Charge shall preside.

T 95, The Quarterly Conference shall appoint a Secretary, who shall take min. utes of the proceedings thereof, and transmit them to the Recording Steward.

1 96. The regular business of the Quarterly Conference shall be,–

$ 1. To hear Complaints, and to receive and try Appeals. § 2. To take cognizance of all the La

cal Preachers and Exhorters in the Oir. cuit or Station, and to inquire into the gifts, labors, and usefulness of each by name; to license proper persons to preach, and renew theiz license annually, and to recommend the renewal of the licenso of Exhorters annually when, in the judg. ment of said Conference, their gifts, grace, and usefulness will wai rant such renewal; to recommend to the Annual Conference Local Preachers who are suitable candidates for Deacons' or Elders' orders and for admission on trial in the Traveling Connection; and to try, suspend, deprive of ministerial office and credentials, expel, or acquit, any Local Preacher in the Circuit or Station against whom charges may be preferred'; and to receive the annual report of the Trustees. Provided, That no person shall be ticensed to preach without the recommendation of the Society of which he is a member, or of the Leaders and Stewards' Meeting; nor shall any one be licensed to preach, or recommended to the Avnual Conference to travel or for ordinatioi , without first being examined in the Quarterly Conference on the subject of Doctrines and Discipline.

§ 3. To elect Trustees, where the laws of the State permit, and also Stewards, for the Circuit or Station, and of the latter to elect one a District and one a Recording Steward.

§ 4. To have supervision of all the Sunday-schools within the bounds of the Circuit or Station, and to inquire into the condition of each; to approve Trustees not elected by the Quarterly Conference; to approve Sunday-school Superintendents as such, and also as members of the Quarterly Conference ; and to remove any Superintendent who may prove unworthy or inefficient.

197. The order of business in the respective Quarterly Conferences, after the roll of members has been called and a Secretary appointed, shall be to inquire91. AT THE FIRST QUARTERLY CON


1. Who are approved as Trustees ? who

as Sunday-school Superintendents 2 Are there any complaints ? 3. Are there any appeals ? 4. Are there any reports —

(1.) From the Pastor ?
(2.) From the Class Leaders ?
(3.) From Committees ?

5. What amounts have been apportioned

to this Charge this year for the support of the Ministry

(1.) For the Pastor ?
(2.) For the Assistant ?
(3.) For the Presiding Elder /
(4.) For the Bishops ?
(5.) For Conference Claimants ?
(6.) For Rent ?
(7.) For Traveling and Moving Ex-

penses ? 6. What amounts have been received for

the support of the Ministry this Quarter, and how have they been applied? Received(1.) For the Preachers and Presid

ing Elder; (2.) For the Bishops; (3.) For Rent; (4.) For Traveling and Moving Ex

penses. Applied (1.) To the Pastor; (2.) To the Assistant; (3.) To the Presiding Elder; (4.) To the Bishops; (5.) On Rent; (6.) On Traveling and Moving Ex


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