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12. Have any Withdrawn?

13. Have any been Transferred, and to what Conference ?

14. Have any been Expelled ?
15. Have any Died ?
16. What is the Statistical Report 9

(1.) Membership-Number of Probationers. Number of full Members. Number of Local Preachers. Number of Deaths.

(2.) Baptisms--Children. Adults.

(3.) Church Property - Number of Churches. Probable Value. Number of Parsonages. Probable Value.

* Amount raised for the Building and Improving Churches and Parsonages.

* Present Indebtedness.

(4.) Benevolent Collections-For Conference Claimants : for Missions from Churches, from Sabbath-schools : for Woman's Foreign Missionary Society: for Board of Church Extension: for Sunday-school Union of the Methoclist Episcopal Church: for Tract Society : for Freedmen's Aid Society: for Education : fo. american Bible Society.

(5.) Sabbath - schools Number of Scnools. Number of Officers and Teach. ers. Total Number of Scholars of all ages

* Number of Scholars fifteen years of age and over.

* Number of Scholars under fifteen, except Infant Class. * Number of Scholars in Infant Class.

Average Attendance of Teachers and Scholars in whole school.

* Number of Library Books. * Total Expenses of School this year.

* Number of Sunday-Schwol Advocates taken.

* Number of Sunday-School Journals taken.

* Number of Officers and Teachers who are Church-members or Probationers.

* Number of Scholars who are Churchmembers or Probationers.

* Number of Conversions this year.

* (6.) Ministerial Support - Claims. Receipts.

17. What are the Claims upon the Conference Fund ?

18. What has been received on the foregoing claims, and how has it been applied ?

19. Where are the Preachers stationed?

20. Where and when shall the next Conference be held ?

* 21. Have any Local Preachers been ordained ?

* 22. Are any of our Literary or Theological Institutions under the control and patronage of this Conference, and what is their condition ?

* 23. Who are the Conference Board of Church Extension ?

[NOTE.—The items marked with a * are not to be included in the General Minutes.]

178. The Electing and Ordaining of Deacons and Elders is to be done in the Annual Conferences.

1 79. It shall be the duty of each Annual Conference to examine strictly intu the state of the Domestic Missions within its bounds, and to allow none to remain on the list of its missions which, in the judgment of the Conference, is able to support itself.

180, Each Annual Conference shall report through its Secretary, annually, to the Secretaries of the Missionary Society at New York, the name of each District, Circuit, or Station, within its bounds, sustained in whole or in part by said Conference as a mission, together with the amount of missionary money appropriated to such for the year, and also the number

of years

that each Mission has received assistance from the Missionary Treasury, and whether consecutively or oherwise.

1 81. Each Annual Conference shall cause the collections, as reported by the Preachers for the Statistical Tables, to be compared with the receipts of the Conference Treasurers of the several benevolent Societies, that discrepancies, if any, may be corrected before the publication of the Minutes.

T 82. Preachers in Charge shall report to their Annual Conferences as collections actual cash receipts only, and shall hand the money, or a satisfactory voucher for the same, to the Conference Treasurers, otherwise no credit shall be given to a contributing Charge.

| 83. Each Annual Conference shall report, through its Secretary, to the Sunday-School Union, the number of schools within its bounds, together with other facts named in the form published by the Union, and contained in the annual reports of Preachers, as directed in [ 175,

§ 14.

1 84. A record of the proceedings of each Annual Conference shall be kept by a Secretary chosen for the purpose, and

shall be signed by the President and Secretary; and a copy of said record shalı be sent to the General Conference. Also the minutes and documents of the trial of any member of the Conference who may have been condemned or censured, shall be forwarded with the record.

The District Conferencos. T 85. The District Conferences shall be composed of the Traveling and Local Preachers, the Exhorters, the District Stewards, and one Sunday-school Superintendent and one Class Leader from each pastoral Charge in the District. But if there shall be more than one Sundayschool Superintendent in any Circuit or Station, then the Quarterly Conference shall designate one of them for this service, and it shall also select the Class Leader,

T 86. The District Conference shall meet once or twice each year in each Presiding Elder's District, as each District Conference shall determine for itself, at such time and place as the Presiding Elder shall designate for the first meeting after the adoption of this plan by the

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