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necessary by our itinerant economy. In order to secure this oversight,

§ 1. Let a report of the condition of his Class be presented by the Leader at each meeting of the Quarterly Confer.


§ 2. Let each Leader be careful to in. quire how every soul of his Class prospers; not only how each person outwardly observes the rules, but how he grows in the knowledge and love of God.

§ 3. Let the Leaders converse with those who have the charge of their Circuits and Stations frequently and freely.

T58. In order to render our class-meetings interesting and profitable, 1. Remove improper Leaders. 2. See that all the Leaders be not only men of sound judgment, but men truly devoted to God.

59. In the arrangement of Classmeetings two or more Classes may meet together, and be carried on according to buch plan as shall be agreed upon by the Leaders in concurrence with the Preacher in Charge.

T 60. Let care be observed that they do not fall into formality through the use of a uniform method. Let speaking be

voluntary or the exercises conversational, the Leader taking such measures as may best assist in making the services fresh, spiritual, and of permanent religious profit.

1 61. Let the Leaders be directed to such a course of reading and study as shall best qualify them for their work; especially let such books be recommended as will tend to increase their knowledge of the Scriptures and make taem familiar with those passages best adapted to Christian edification. Whenever practicable, let the Preachers examine the Leaders in the studies recommended.





The General Conference. | 62. The General Conference shall be composed of Ministerial and Lay Delegates. The Ministerial Delegates shall consist of one member for every fortyfive members of each Annual Conference, to be appointed either by seniority or choice at the discretion of such Annual Conference, yet so that such representatives shall have traveled at least four full calendar years from the time that they were received on trial by an Annual Couference, and are in full connection at the time of holding the Conference.*

* A Transferred Preacher shall not be counted twice in the same year in the basis of the eleotion of Delegates to the General Conference, nor vote for Delegates to the General Confer.

163. The Lay Delegates shall consist of two laymen for each Annual Conference, except such Conferences as have but one Ministerial Delegate, which Conferences shall be entitled to one Lay Delegate each,

T 64. The Lay Delegates shall be chosen by an Electoral Conference of Laymen, which shall assemble for the purpose on the third day of the session of the Annual Conference, at the place of its meeting, at its session immediately preceding the General Conference.

165. The Electoral Conference shall be composed of one Layman from each Circuit or Station within the bounds of the Annual Conference, such laymen to be chosen by the last Quarterly Conferencn preceding the time of the assembling of such Electoral Conference; and on assembling, the Electoral Conference shall organize by electivg a Chairman and Secretary of their own number; provided, that no Layman shall be chosen a Delegate either to the Electoral Conference

ence in any Annual Conference where he is not counted as a part of the basis of representation, nor vote twice the same year on any constitutional question.

or to the General Conference who shall be under twenty-five years of age, or who shall not have been a member of theChurch 'in full connection for the five consecifive years preceding the elections.*

166. The General Conference shall meet on the first day of May, in the year of our Lord 1812, in the City of New York, and thenceforward on the first day of May once in four years perpetually, in such place or places as shall be fixed on by the General Conference from time to time; but the General Superintendents, or a majority of them, by or with the advice of two thirds of all the Annual Conferences, or, if there be no General Superintendent, two thirds of all the Annual Conferences, shall have power to call an extra session of the General Conference at any time, to be constituted in the usual way.

* The Secretaries of the several Annual and Elevvoral Conferences shall send to the Secretary of the last General Conference a certified copy of the clection of Delegates and Reserves to the next General Conference, in the order of their election, as soon after the electior as practicable, so that a roll of Members and Reserves may be prepared for the opening of the next General Conference.

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