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the Western Book Concern ; English Grammar, (Ahn's Practischer Lehrang der englishon Sprache, Erster, Cursus ;) A written sermon on the conditions of salvation.

Second Year. Sultzberger's Systematic Theology, Part II; Hare on Justification, (German edition, published by the Western Book Concern;) Wesley's Christian Perfection; Nast's Introduction, chap. ii, $ 4, and chap. iii, (German edition;) Stevens's History of the M. E. Church, Vol. II, (German edition, published by the Western Book Concern;) Sauer's Church History, from the Foundation of the Church to Charlemagne, (imported from Germany :) Bishop Baker's Guid in the Administration of Discipline ; Wurst's German Grammar, § 9-42 ; English Grammar, (Ahn's Zweiter Cursus;) a written sermon on baptism.

Third Year. Nast's Introduction, chap. iv ; Dr. Luthart's Apologetical Discourses, Vol. L, (Apologetische Vortrage, imported from Germany ;) Pearson on Infidelity, Part I, chap. i-iii, translated from the English; Sauer's Church History, from Charle

magne to the Reformation; Weber's Uni. versal History, condensed, Parts I and II, (German edition, imported from Germany:) Sultzberger's Systematic Theology, Part III ; a written sermon on sanctification.

Fourth Year.

Sultzberger's Systematic Theology, Part IV; Nast's Introduction to the New Testament, chap. v-vii ; Dr. Luthart's Apologetical Discourses, Vol. II; Pearson on Infidelity, Part I, chap. iv-vi; Sauer's Church History, from the Reformation to the Present Time; Weber's Universal History, Parts III and IV; a written sermon on the Lord's Supper.

For Local Preachers who are Candidates for

Deacons' Orders.

Binney's Theological Compend, translated by Dr. Jacoby; Wesley's Sermons, Vol. I, (German edition ;) Fletcher's Appeal; Jacoby's Compendium of Methodisui; Nast's Introduction to the New Testament, chap. ii, $ 1-3, (German edi. tion ;) the Outlines of Universal History, (die Weltgeschichte verlegt vom Cal. wer Verein ;) the Outlines of Church History, (published by the Calwer Verein.)

For Local Deacons, who are Candidates for

Elders' Orders.

The Apostolical Creed on the basis of Dr. Lisco; Nast's Introduction, chap. iii, and of chap. iv, § 1, 3, and 4; Stevens's History of the M. E. Church, Vols. I and II; Bishop Baker's Guide in the Ad. ministration of Discipline.


1. The Right to take Testimony before a Com

mittee, etc, Testimony taken before a Committee sitting in the case of an accused member of an Annual Conference is to be received as evidence on the trial of said Minister before the Annual Conference. -Journal 1848, p. 126.

2. To whom a Member holding a Certidcats

is Accountable. When a member receives a certificate of membership from a Preacher having charge of a Circuit or Station he is responsible for his moral conduct (from the date of his certificate until he joins) to

the Society receiving him upon that certificate.Journal, 1848, p. 126.

3. New Testimony not Admissible on Appeal.

In no case of an appeal can new evidence be admitted.—Journal, 1860, p. 137.

4. Probationers no Right to Bring Charges.

Question. Has a probationer in our Church the right to prefer charges against a member of our Church?

Answer. He has not. Journal, 1860,

p. 228.

5. Status of Members improperly Received or

Expelled. If a Preacher in Charge of any work receive a person into the Church contrary to the Discipline, can the Appual Conference correct the administration, and declare that the person, having been received contrary to Discipline, is therefore kot a member?

Answer. No. This question was decided by the General Conference of 1852 by the adoption of the following resolution:

Resolved, That when an Annual Conference decides that a Preacher having

charge has received or expelled a mem. ber contrary to the Discipline, the decis. ion does not exclude the member so received, but restores the member so expelled.-Journal, 1852, p. 73, and Jourral, 1860, p. 297.

Wben a member is expelled from the Church, and complaint is made against the adıninistrator to his Annual Conference for maladministration, and the Conference decide that the person was expelled cor.trary to Discipline, what is the relation of the member expelled from the Church ? Does the act of the Annual Conference restore the character of the member, so that the charges on which he was expelled are so annulled that the Preacher may legally give him a letter before said charges are disposer of by trial or withdrawn?

Answer. The act of the Annual Conference does not restore his character, but simply his membership, and when so re. stored he is placed in the position which he occupied before he was tried ; that is, he is an accused member, and hence the Preacher is not at liberty to give him a certificate of membership.-Journal, 1860,

p. 298.

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