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1 388. Any two or more Conferences which may be mutually interested in the re-adjustment of their common boundaries may at any time raise a joint commission, consisting of five members from each Conference directly interested, and the decision of such joint commission, when it shall be approved by the Bishop or Bishops who may preside in these Conferences at their sessions next ensu ing, shall be final. But if the commis sion so appointed shall fail to agree, ou the presiding Bishops shall not concur, then the case, with a statement of its facts, together with the records of the commission, shall come to the General Conference for final adjudication.

1389, The General Conference shal: appoint a Committee on Boundaries consisting of one member from each Annual Conference, to be nominated by the del. egations severally, over which one of the Bishops shall preside, and of which one of the General Conference Secretaries shall be the Secretary, and of which Committee twenty-five shall be a quorum. All matters pertaining to Conference lines shall be referred to this Committee, and its decision shall be final.

Boundaries of the Annual Conferences.

T 390. (1.) ALABAMA CONFERENCE shall include the Lebanon, Birmingham, West Alabama, and South Alabama Dis. tricts, embracing also the Sand Mountain and Scottsborvugh Charges.

T391. (2.) ARKANSAS CONFERENCE shall include the State of Arkansas and the Indian country west of the State.

T 392. (3.) BALTIMORE CONFERENCE shall embrace the District of Columbia, the Western Shore of Maryland, excepting so much of Garrett County as lies west of the dividing ridge of the Alleghany Mountains, and including so much of the State of Pennsylvania as lies within the Hancock, Flintstone, Union Grove, and New Bridgeport Circuits, the County of Frederick, the city of Fredericksburgh, in the State of Virginia, and the counties of Jefferson, Berkeley, Morgan, Ilampshire, Mineral, Hardy, Pendleton, and Grant, in the State of West Virginia.

T 393. (4.) CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE skall embrace that part of the State of California lying west of the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and north of a line commencing at the north-west

corner of San Luis Obispo County, and extending eastward with the northern line of San Luis Obispo and Tulare Counties; and also the Sandwich Islands.

| 394. (5.) CENTRAL ALABAMA CONFERENCE shall include the Dadesville, Marion, and Huntsville Districts.

T395. (6.) CENTRAL GERMAN CONFERENCE shall comprise the German work within the States of Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana, except those appointments belonging at present to the Chicago German Conference; also, the German work in the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Western Pennsylvania; and shall also include Golconda and Me. tropolis, Illinois.

T396. (7.) CENTRAL ILLINOIS CONFERENCE shall embrace that part of the State of Illinois north of the Illinois Conference, and south of the following line, namely: beginning on the Mississippi River at the Meredosia; thence down the Meredosia to its mouth; thence easterly to Center School-House, so as to include Center Society ; thence to the mouth of Mud Creek; thence up Green River to Coal Creek; thence up said creek to the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad;

thrence along said railroad to Bureau Junction; thence to the Illinois River; thence up said river and the Kankakce to the Indiana State fine, Icaving the city of Ottawa in the Rock River Conference, and 'Aroma and Bureau Junction in the Central Illinois Conference.

1 397. (8.) CENTRAL NEW YORK CONFERENCE shall be bounded on the west by the East Genesee Conference, on the south by the New York State line and the Wyoming Conference, and on the east and north by the Wyoming and the Northern New York Conferences.

| 398. (9.) CENTRAL OHIO CONFERENCE shall be bounded on the north by the north line of the State of Ohio; on the east by the North Ohio Conference; on the south by the Springfield branch of the Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati Railroad to the west line of the Ohio Conference, yet so as to exclude St. Paul's Charge in Delaware, and Milford, and to include Marysville; thence to the west line of the State of Ohio, by tho north line of the Cincinnati Conference; and on the west by the west line of the State of Ohio.


CONFERENCE shall be bounded as follows: On the south by the State line from the Susquehanna River to the west boundary of Bedford County, excepting 80 much of the State of Pennsylvania as is included in the Baltimore Couference; on the west by the west line of Bedford, Blair, and Clearfield Counties, except so much of Clearfield County as is embracoch in the Erie Conference; thence to St. Mary's; on the north by a line extending from St. Mary's eastward te Emporium; thence by the southern boundary of Potter and Tioga Counties, including Wharton, and Liberty Valley Circuit; thence through Sullivan County north of Laporte, to the west line of Wyoming County ;'on the east by Wyoming Conference to the north line of the Philadelphia. Conference; thence on the northern line of Carbon, Schuylkill, and Dauphin Counties to the Susquehanna River, inpluding Hickory Run, Weatherly, Beaver. Meadow, and Ashland; and thence by the Busquehanna River to the place of beginning, including Harrisburgh.

1 400. (11.) CHICAGO GERMAN CONFERENCE shall include all the State of Wisconsin, except those appointments

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