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do not fully support themselves with such aid as may have been allowed them, it shall be the duty of the Publishing Committee to discontinue them.

1 329. There shall be a Depository of vir books at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; at Boston, Massachusetts ; at Buffalo, New rk; and at San Francisco, California, furnished by the Agents at New York with full supplies of the books of our General Catalogue, Sunday-school books, and Tracts, to be sold for the Con. cern on the same terms as at New York: providei, that there shall not be more than fifteen thousand dollars' worth at Pittsburgh, nor more than ten thousand dollars' worth at Boston. There shall also be a Depository at Chicago, Illinois ; one' at St. Louis, Missouri; and one at Atlanta, Georgia, to be supplied by the Agents at Cincinnati.

T 330. The expenses incident to the transportation, management, and sale of our books at these Depositories having been met out of the sales, according to an arrangement with the Agents, the net proceeds shall be forwarded to said Agents as fast as possible.

T 331. Full statements shall be made

to the Agents semi-annually, at dates fixed by them, of the amount of sales, and of expenses; distinguishing cash sales from those on credit. And, also, annual statements shall be made of the amount of stock.

1 332. If it shall appear to the Agents that the business at either of the Depositories is not well managed, or that remittances are not duly made, they shall immediately correct the error complained of; or, with the concurrence of the Book Committee, causo the affairs of the Depository to be wound up.

T 333, No books shall hereafter be sold on commission either from New York, Cincinnati, or any other depository or establishment under our direction.

T 334. The salaries of the Editors and Agents at New York, and of the “Northern Christian Advocate,” the salaries of the Agents and Editors at Cincinnati, and of the Editors at Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, and New Orleans, shall be fixed by the Book Committee. The salaries of the Editors of the papers at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at San Francisco, California, and at Portland, Oregon, shall be fixed by the Publishing Committees hava

ing charge of those papers respectively The amounts to be appropriated for Correspondence shall also be fixed by the Book Committee.

T 335. The profits arising from the Book Concern, after a sufficient capital to carry on the business is retained, shall be regularly applied to the support of the deficient. Traveling Preachers and their families, the widows and orphans of Preachers, etc. The Book Agents shall every year send forward to .each Annual Conference an account of the dividend which the several Annual Conferences may draw that year, and each Conference may draw for its proportionate part on any person who has book money in hand; and the drafts, with the receipt of the Conference thereon, shall be sent to the Book Agents, and be placed to the credit of the person who paid the same.

1336. The Annual Conferences are affectionately and earnestly requested not to establish any more Conference papers ; and where such papers exist, they may be discontinued when it can be done consistently with existing obligations.

T 337. Any Traveling Preacher, who

may publish any work or book of his own, shall be responsible to bis Confer. ence for any obnoxious matter or doctrine therein contained.

The Chartered Fund. T 338. To make further provision for the distressed Traveling Preachers, for the families of Traveling Preachers, and for the Superannuated and Worn-out Preachers, and the widows and orphans of Preachers, there shall be a Chartered Fund, to be supported by the voluntary contributions of our friends; the principal stock of which shall be funded under the direction of Trustees chosen by the General Conference, and the interest ap plied under the direction of the General Conference, according to the following regulations, namely:

$ 1. The Elders, and those who have the oversight of Circuits, shall be collectors and receivers of subscriptions, etc., for this fund.

$ 2. The money shall, if possible, be conveyed by bills of exchange, or otherwise, through the means of the post, to the General Book Agents, who shall pay

it to the Trustees of the fund; otherwise it shall be brought to the ensuing Annual Conference.

§ 3. The interest shall be divided into eighty-nine equal parts, and each of the Annual Conferences shall have authority to draw one of these parts out of the fund; and if one or more Conferences less than one of these parts be drawn out of the fund in any given year, then in such case or cases the other Annual Conferences, held in the same year, shall have authority, if they judge it necessary, to draw out of the fund such surplus of the interest which has not been applied by the former Conferences; and the Bishops shall bring the necessary information of the state of the interest of the fund, respecting the year in question, from Conference to Conference.

§ 4. All drafts on the Chartered Fund shall be made on the President of the said fund, by order of the Annual Couference, signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary of the said Conference.

S 5. The money subscribed for the Chartered Fund may be lodged, on proper securities, in the States respectively in

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