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1 301. It shall be the duty of the Preacher in Charge, aided by the Committee on Church Extension, to provide for the diffusion of information concerning the work and wants of the Board of Church Extension; he shall preach, or cause to be preached, a sermon on this subject in each congregation in every year, and solicit contributions from each, endeavoring to secure at least the amount asked as above provided ; and shall at each Conference report the amount asked, and the amount received, for Church Extension. He shall also invite special contributions and bequests to the Loan Fund.

Freedmen's Aid. T 302. For the meatal and moral ele. zation of Freedmen and others in the South who have special claims upon the Christian people of America:

§ 1. Let all our people contribute liberally each year for the support of our Freedmen's Aid Society.

$ 2. Let the Freedmen's Aid Society be careful to locate its schools where they will be of most advantage to our Churches and Missions, and especially

seek to educate those persons who are called to preach, oy who propose to ben come preachers; and let only those persons be employed as teachers who will conscientiously work in our Sundayschools, and cheerfully co-operate with our ministers.

9 303. The Board of Managers shall determine what amount shall be expended annually in this work, and apportion the same, according to their best judgment, among the several Amnaal Conferences; and each Annual Conference shall apportion, or cause to be apportioned, the amount assigned to it among the Circuits and Stations within its bounds; and each Presiding Elder, as early in the Conference year as possible, sball inform each Quarterly Conference in his District of the amount to be raised by the Charge it represents.

1 304. It shall be the daty of each Preacher in Charge to present this subject to his congregation, or cause it to be presented, once each year in a sermon or address; to aid in the diffusion of intelbigence in regard to the work of the Son ciety and the wants of the Freedmen, and to use due diligence to collect the

Amount apportioned to bis Charge. He shall report to the Annual Conference the sum collected, and the collections shall be published in & column in the General Minutes and in the Minutes of the Annual Conferences.

T 305, The Corresponding Secretary, if a Traveling Preacher, shall be a member of such Annual Conference as he, with the approbation of the Bishops, may select.

Circulation of Religious Tracts. 1 306. It is recommended to our peo ple every-where to form Tract Societies, auxiliary to the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

T 307. It is recommended to Preachers in Charge to make annually, in their several congregations, collections in behalf of the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1 308. It shall be the duty of each Presiding Elder to bring the Tract cause before the last Quarterly Meeting Conference of each year, in each Circuit and Station within his District; and said Conference shall appoint a Committee whose

duty it shall be to devise and execute plans for local tract distribution.

Printing and Circulating Books, Tracts, and

Periodicals T 309. The principal Publishing Houses of the Book Concern shall be in the citics of New York and Cincinnati; but there shall be depositories of our publications at such other places as the General Conference may from time to time determine.

1 310. The General Conference shall quadrennially elect two Agents for the Publishing House in New York, and two Agents for that in Cincinnati, who sball have authority, and whose duty it shall be, under the supervision of the Book Committee, to regulate the publications and all other parts of the business of the Concern (except what belongs to the editorial departments) in such manner as the state of the finances will admit, and the interests of the Church may require; and who, if chosen from among the Trav. eling Preachers, shall be members of such Annual Conferences as they may, with the approbation of the Bishops, select.

9311. It shall be the duty of the Agents of both Publishing Houses to publish such books, tracts, periodicals, etc., as are ordered or recommended by the Genera! Conference; also, to publish such as are recommended by the Book Committee, and approved by the Book Editors; and they may reprint any book or tract which has been once approved and published by us, when, in their judgment and that of the Book Editors, the same ought to be reprinted; and they may publish any new work which the Book Editors may approve.

| 312. The Agents of the Western Publishing House at Cincinnati shall supervise and manage the business of the Western country in co-operation with the Agents at New York; they shall have authority to publish any book or tract which has been previously published by the Agents at New York, when, in their judgment and in that of the Book Committee, the demand for such publication will justify and the interest of the Church require such re-publication; and the Agents at New York shall fill the orders of the Agents at Cincinnati for the plates of such books or tracts; and when the

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