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law, with such powers and prerogatives as may be needful to the objects of its appsintment; said Board to be subject to the control of the General Conference. The Bishops shall be ex-officio members of the Board.

1 277. The term of service of the members of the Board shall begin on the first day of January following their appointment, and continue during the ensuing four years, and until their successors shall be duly chosen and have entered upon their duties, unless otherwise ordered by the General Conference. If a vacancy should occur by death, resignation, or otherwise, during the interval of the General Conference, the Board shall bave power to fill the vacancy.

1 278, The Officers of the Board shall be a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, with such Assistants as the General Committee of Church Extension may authorize and appoint, a Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer, all of whom, except the Corresponding Secretary and Assistants, shall be elected by the Board at the first regular meeting in January of

each year.

1 279. The Corresponding Secretary shall be appointed by the General Conference, and shall be a member of such Conference as he, with the approval of the Bishops, may select.

He shall conduct the correspondence of the Board, under its direction, and shall be subject to the authority and control of the Board, by whom his salary shall be fixed and paid. He shall be exclusively employed in conducting the affairs of the Board, and, under its direction, in promoting its general interest, by traveling or otherwise. Should a vacancy occur by death, resignation, or otherwise, the Board shall have power to provide for the duties of the office until the Bishops, or a majorty of them, shall fill the vacancy.

1 280. An Assistant Corresponding Secretary, or more than one, may be appointed at any time by the General Committee, on the nomination of the Bishops who shall receive such salary, and render such service, as the Board may determine.

T281. The Board shall hold its meetings in the city of Philadelphia. It shall have authority to make by-laws for the regulation of its own proceedings ; to

provide for and administer a Loan Fund; to take and hold in trust for the Methodist Episcopal Church any real or personal property, and to dispose of the same for the use and benefit of the Church; and generally to do all and singular the matters and things which shall be necessary and lawful in the execution of its trusts: provided, however, that all amounts received on the Loan Fund shall be used only by loans on adequate security; and provided, further, that the aggregate amount of interest and annuities payable shall never be allowed to exceed the aggregate amount of interest receivable.

1282. The Board shall also have authority to provide and recommend a uniform plan for the organization of local boards of Church Extension in large cities, under such local administration as may be deemed advisable; but is no case shall such local organization interfere with the general work of the Board.

1 283. The Board shall also have authority, by constituting and procuring a special corporation, or otherwise, to take such measures as it may deem wise and necessary to procure tho insurance of

churches and other church property against loss by fire; and the profits arising therefrom, if any, after the accumulation of a sufficient reserve fund, shall be devoted to the purposes of the Boarıl.

T 284. The Board shall also have authority, with the concurrence of the General Committee, to make such provisions as it may deem wise for honorary membership in the Parent and Conference Boards of Church Extension, and in the General Committee.

[ 285, At all meetings of the Board thirteen members shall constitute quorum.

286. The minutes of each meeting shall be signed by the Secretary thereof.

1 287. The Board shall publish annually a full report of its proceedings, and of the state of its funds, and shall submit to the General Conference an abstract of the same for the preceding four years.

1 288. Each Annual Conference shall, on the nomination of the Presiding Bishop and Presiding Elders, appoint a Conference Board of Church Extension, composed of equal numbers of Ministers and Laymen, consisting of a President, Vice

President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, and not less than three nor more than seven additional members, so located that a quorum thereof may be convened at any time. And the Secretary of the Conference shall notify the Corresponding Secretary of the Parent Board of the name and post-office address of each member thereof.

T 289. The Conference Board shall be auxiliary to the Parent Board, and shall, under its direction, have charge of all the interests and work of Church Extension within the Conference. It shall see that the amount asked of the Conference by the General Committee is divided for collection among the several Districts and Pastoral Charges with due regard to their circumstances and ability, and that each is notified early in the year; and shall, in connection with the Conference, take all necessary measures to secure at least the amount so asked, and special donations and bequests to the Loan Fund.

T 290. The Conference Board shall carefully examine all applications for aid from within the bounds of the Conference, and recommend only such as are found to

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