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ings and apparatus by the benevolence of the Church. The college must, in addition to these, have such endowment as shall yield a regular income sufficient to meet its current expenses; and, that our people may be properly instructed in this matter, it shall be the duty of each Preacher in Charge to preach on the subject of education once a year; to diffuse information by the distribution of tracts, or otherwise; and especially to call the attention of our wealthy members and friends to the duty of making liberal donations and bequests to this object.

§ 4. It shall be the duty of each Preacher in Charge of a Circuit or Station to take one public collection annually in cach Society in aid of the work of education. The money so received shall be paid over to such auxiliary of the Board of Education as the Annual Conference may direct, or in the absence of Annual Conference directions to the Treasury of the Parent Board.

$ 5. It is recommended that the second Sunday in June be every-where observed as “Children's Day,” and that wherever practicable a collection be taken in the Sunday-school in aid of the “Sunday

school Fund” of the Board of Education.

$ 6. It shall be the duty of each Presiding Elder to bring the subject of Education, in individual Churches, before the first Quarterly Conference of each year, and said Quarterly Conference shall appoint a Committee, of which the Preacher in Charge shall be exc-officio Chairman, to organize, wherever practicable, a Church Lyceum, under the supervision of the Quarterly Conference, for mental improvement, and to develop facilities for social intercourse; to organize free evening schools; to provide a library, textbooks, and books of reference; to popularize religious literature, by readingrooms or otherwise; to seek out suitable persons, and if necessary assist them to obtain an education, with a view to the Ministry; and to do whatever shall seem best fitted to supply any deficiency in that which the Church ought to offer to the varied nature of man,

Sunday-Schools and the Instruction of

Ohildren, 1 248. For the moral and religious instruction of our children, and for the promotion of Bible knowledge among all our people:

§ 1. Every Sunday-school of the Methodist Episcopal Church shall be under the supervision of a Sunday-school Board, and shall be auxiliary to the Sunday-school Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

$ 2. The Sunday-school Board shall consist of the Preacher in Charge, the Sunday-school Committee appointed by the Quarterly Conference, the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Librarians, and the Teachers of the school.

§ 3. The Superintendent shall be nominated and elected by the Sunday-school Board, and approved by the Quarterly Conference at its next session after such election.

§ 4. The other officers of the school shall be elected by the Sunday-school Board.

$ 5. The teachers of the school shall be nominated by the Superintendent,

with the concurrence of the pastor, and elected by the Board.

$ 6. In case of the withdrawal of officers or teachers from the school they cease to be members of the Board; and the place of any officer or teacher habitually negiecting his or her duty, or be. ing guilty of improper conduct, may be declared vacant by a vote of two thirds of the Board present at any regular or special meeting.

T 249. It shall be the duty of each Presiding Elder to bring the subject of Sunday-schools before the last Quarterly Conference of each year; and said Quarterly Conference shall proceed to appoint a Committee of not less than three nor more than nine, who shall be members of our Church, to be called the Committee on Sunday-schools, of which the Preacher in Charge shall be the Chairman, who shall be members of the Sunday-school Board, and whose duty it shall be to aid the l'reacher in Charge and the Officers of the Sunday-schools in procuring suitabre teachers, in promoting in all proper ways the attendance of children and adults on our Sunday-schools and on our regular public worship, and in raising

money to meet the expenses of the Sunday-schools of the charge.

T 250. It shall be the duty of the Preacher in Charge, aided by the Superintendent and the Committee on Sunday. schools, to decide as to what books shall be used in our Sunday-schools.

T 251. It shall be the special duty of the Preachers having charge of Circuits or Stations, with the aid of the other Preachers and the Comunittee on Sunday. schools, to form Sunday-schools in all our congregations where ten persons can be collected for that purpose, which schools shall be auxiliary to the Sundayschool Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church; and to engage the co-operation of as many of our members as they can, and to visit the schools as often as practicable; to preach on the subject of Sun. day-schools and religious instruction in each congregation at least once in six months; and to form classes, wherever they can, for the instruction of the larger children, youth, and adults, in the word of God; and where they cannot superintend them personally, to see that suitable teachers are provided for that purpose.

T 252. It shall be the duty of our

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